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The colonization of the ocean has begun. Studio Dongo explores this ongoing phenomenon by telling old-fashioned stories in genre-bending ways.

Question: Isn't Studio Dongo the name of the advertising agency that Rene Magritte operated with his brother Paul?

Answer: Yes. Magritte is one of the most important influences on the Danglers series.

Question: And how does that work? What kind of influence can a painter really have on your novels?

Answer: I have no idea how it works, but none of my most important influences are novelists. I steal . . . err, I mean I get most of my ideas from Carl Reiner (especially The Dick Van Dyke Show), Andy Kaufman, Banksy, and David Bowie.

Question: Don't you think that makes you a pretty rotten novelist?

Answer: I am definitely the worst novelist in the history of the world. Think about it. I have engaged a perfectly ludicrous premise (Love Boat meets Fantasy Island), and yet I have somehow failed to make the story funny. What's wrong with me?

Question: Do you think your psychological problems might stem from the fact that when you talk to yourself on the internet, you hide behind two personae named Question and Answer?

Answer: You make an excellent point.

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