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  • MA's Monthly Hot Flashes: 2002-2009 on May 21, 2010

    Marian Allen's Hot Flashes are a delight. A complete short story in just a few lines: a conversation, a sketch of a scene or a character and then, the stinger in the tail. (tale?) Flash fiction is to a short story what Haiku is to epic poetry. Donna Fletcher Crow
  • Lost Among the Angels on June 29, 2011

    If you haven't yet met Mercy Allcutt, Alice Duncan's heroine of the Angel Flight series, listen to me, you really, really DO want to meet Mercy. The spunky, but proper, daughter of blue-blood Bostonians turned loose in the speakeasies, opium dens and (gasp) barber shops of Roaring 20's Los Angeles is a true delight. I love the way Alice has turned the stereotypical dumb blonde sidekick/girlfriend of a hard-bitten detective on its head in creating Mercy. I'm wondering whether or not Alice has created a new subgenre in this hard-bitten cozy. Oh, yes, and all you animal lovers--just wait till you meet Rosie, the miniature black poodle. And then there's streetwise, 12-year-old Barbara Ann, And did I mention Ernie Templeton AKA Sam Spade? All great characters.