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  • Fight (#0.5, Fierce Series) on April 11, 2014

    Enlightening intro into the series Well writer and very entertaining to read this intro to the series. Helps to understand when Autumn comes from. And the chance meeting without really knowing is a great addition. It’s a part of the story that helps you to know the characters better and is very enjoyable to read, but not mandatory to enjoy the other books of the series.
  • One Thousand Years to Forever on June 30, 2014

    A love story that transcends time Very well written and enjoyable story to read. First in series but still a standalone story. Very original story line intertwining a little from the past with the present. I loved the character interplay with all of them not just the main ones. You have life, love, death, terrorist enemies and a love story that transcends time itself. Interesting and very entertaining story to read. Even though some of the characters are “Vampires”, this is unlike any vampire story I've ever read. It’s more of a magical thing along with some Fae magic in the story. I may have won this book but am so glad I did, because I now have another favorite author.
  • I've Been Waiting for You on June 30, 2014

    Young love that’s both old and new This may be the second book of a series but it’s still a self contained story but reading in order does enhance the books. In fact I read the first two in the wrong order and enjoyed them both. This one does give a little more history of some of the main characters that enhances the story line. You have love, life and death, family as well as enemies both new and old in this story. I said it with my first review on the first book that this is not like any “Vampire” book I've ever read. It’s more of a magical thing along with some Fae magic in the story. I won this book and so very glad I did. Great writing and the story line flow well, with great character interplay.
  • The Witchling Grows Up on Aug. 01, 2014

    Wonderful beginning to a new series. 4.5 stars Fast paced and action packed with several supernatural beings working together. Wonderful story line with good writing and very entertaining to read. Love the character interplay in this story. Though the story has a good ending it does appear to not be a self-contained story, with the storyline continuing into the next book to complete it. Well written and very enjoyable to read. I was given a copy from the author for and honest review.
  • Legend of the White Werewolf Series The Forgotten Ones on Feb. 18, 2015

    Well written and very original as well as entertaining book to read. Self-contained story yet part of a series. It's been a long time since a white wolf was alive and to now have one reappear also means that trouble for the forgotten ones is coming. Action and adventure throughout this book.
  • Legend of the White Werewolf Series The Forgotten Ones on Feb. 20, 2015

    Exciting and riveting What a wonderful new and fresh storyline. Well written and extremely enjoyable to read. We have a Legend that tells of White Wolfs that haven’t been seen for a long time. That is until Ariel meets Blake and its instant attraction. After a few dates and a night of passion Blake’s wolf took over and mated Ariel. But once she changed into a white wolf all things start to go south in some ways. The mating and the feeling between the two are good but it seems like kidnapping and have a white wolf is a prize to have and some will stop at nothing to get their hands on her. This is a self-contained story and yet the beginning of a completed series that I can’t wait to read.
  • Wilde Alpha on Feb. 22, 2015

    Self-preservation Joey is one of the family members of the white wolf decides to get changed after a few attempts to mate and or kidnap her. Having her own company allow her to work where she wants. So she goes to Wilde Alaska where she fell in love with the place after doing an ad campaign. She ends up buying a house, the one the Wilde Alpha has been wanting for himself. The chemistry is there between the two but she doesn't want a man. And the last wolf who tried to get her still hasn't given up yet, which leads to trouble. This is a well written book that may be part of a series and yet it’s a self-contained story. Very enjoyable to read.
  • Keepers of the Land Book I The McDougal pack Alpha on March 21, 2015

    Excitement throughout This is one action packed story with twist all throughout the book. It’s also a love story between Mac and Mandi who is from the white wolf line. For some unknown reason Mac and Mandi are the target of several attacks and kidnapping attempts. And it may or may not be one group or person doing it all. But why them? There are several unmated with wolves out there and Mandi and Mac are mated. And that’s only a portion of what's going on in the well written and very entertaining story.
  • Tanya on Feb. 07, 2016

    Just the beginning This is a great start to the story about Tanya and Devil making me crave more of their story. It ends at a good spot but you just know there’s more to the story coming. Tanya’s on the run from her old boss and a senator for overhearing something she shouldn’t have. Not knowing who to trust and her family unreachable because of who her old boss is. Never knowing if it’s the good guy or bad that shows up she keeps running until she’s caught. Suspenseful and very entertaining story to read creating great anticipation for more of this story.
  • Frankie's Forever on June 09, 2016

    Reluctant Vampire and stubborn She wolf This well written self-contained story is about the Vampire Alex and his true mate Frankie. Alex is a jerk with a Capital A. He was in love and had a mate once (not his true mate) and doesn’t believe he can do it again. The thought of the pain if he lost a true mate is enough to stop him from claiming her. Frankie just want to have a night where she can get her freak on and not think about Alex. But good intentions aside the potion given her to let this happen causes more trouble than it was worth. Awesome story with lots of action and adventure. Very entertaining to read.