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Born in rural Essex, United Kingdom, I've grown up surrounded by beautiful countryside and some very interesting characters. Add to that the stories I could share from my time around horses and stable yards, I could seriously have chosen a completely different genre. But, I'm passionate about criminology and psychology and have studied both subjects as a mature student - I just had to write crime novels.

Due to a serious head injury (in 2014) I needed a career change. I'd always written and it felt the natural time for me to make this transition. It's certainly an exciting time in my life as I emerge into my new career as an author! My injury changed my identity beyond recognition and it is only through my determination not to be beaten by inability that I'm fighting back and regaining control of my life - my writing has helped enormously with that process by enabling me to find direction and a sense of accomplishment at a time of great personal loss.

I'm mum to four amazing children my son-in-law (who's actually been a part of my family since 2011). The elder four are grown up and at university and my youngest is at high school. As a single parent for most of their lives, they've certainly kept me on my toes over the years. They provide me with such joy, inspiration, motivation and support and I could not be prouder of everything they have become and are working towards.

Smashwords Interview

What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
Life. It's precious. I have this drive to succeed that stems from my determination to recover from my head injury. My motivation comes from those around me who have given me so much love and support.

When you have almost lost it all, it makes you appreciate everything!
Who are your favorite authors?
If we're talking about the classics Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde. I love their scope - the ability to be serious but also an incredible sense of humour that has lasted the test of time, such talent. As a woman I have to acknowledge the ground-breaking work of the great Jane Austin. Her writing, for the era in which she lived, was a brave move and she just has to be applauded for stepping outside the box!

Regarding crime thrillers, the list is extensive: Ian Rankin, Patricia Cornwall, Kathy Reichs, James Patterson, John Grisham to name just a few.

More recent discoveries include Matt Nagin who has re-connected me to my love of poetry and David P Perlmutter who's incredible true story has touched so many people.
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