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Who is this Don Winslow of erotic fiction fame? Hard to say; but we can only tell you who he is NOT. He is not the “Real” Don Winslow. That honor belongs to a guy who writes whodunits for a living. In a case of bad timing (for him) the fake Don Winslow emerged in the golden age of erotic fiction and had established an international reputation as a writer of quality erotica. Then along came the author with birthright to the name; as he struggled to become a literary icon in his chosen genre, he found to his alarm that people kept asking him if he still wrote those “dirty books.” One can sympathize with a writer who tries so hard to be taken seriously, only to find his reputation soiled by a common pornographer! As Kilgore Trout might have said: ‘And so it goes’.

What we can tell you, dear reader, is that the “fake” Don Winslow is an internationally best-selling writer who has authored a number of books of erotic fiction including: Agents in Harm’s Way, Captive Women, Claire’s Uptown Girls, Compulsion, French Postcards, Gloria’s Indiscretion, Ironwood, Katerina in Charge, Obsession, Ponygirl Tales, The Blue Butterfly, The Fall of the Ice Queen, The Little Red Dress, The Master of Ironwood, The Mistress of Rosedale, The Pleasure Machine, To the Manor Bound, Secrets of Cheatem Manor, and Slaves of Rome.

Hollis Compton, critic for New Age Publications, has characterized Winslow’s work as “pure porn, unpretentious…but masterfully done.” In a recent interview Mr. Winslow said his hope in writing erotic fiction is to give a few minutes of human pleasure in this sometimes sad world -- nothing more.

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