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Recently, Doug has ventured into sharing some of his most daring sailing adventures through storytelling. Years ago when he was wild and crazy, he held a US Coast Guard captain's license for chartering. He has sailed in the Caribbean, the Bahamas, the Aegean, the Gulf of Mexico and across the mid-Atlantic. His collection of passport visas from over forty foreign countries while traveling for pleasure, with the military, and for corporate America as a software engineer somewhat qualifies him as a world traveler.
Also, with his lifelong hobby of researching family histories, Mr. Fricke has published genealogical works covering two of his European ancestral families, both available in paperback on Amazon.

Smashwords Interview

Why have you written a story about your most daring sailing adventure?
Years ago I read a novel written by a songwriter from my generation that had a short description of what it’s like, from the captain’s point of view, to raise the sails and leave a tight anchorage without the assistance of a motor. The action in that scene shivered my timbers in a good way and I decided to give it a try, to describe some cool sailing experiences.
Do you have any questions?
"You said the waves were as big as a house."
"That's right."
"What kind of house? One story, two story?"
"A big house. Okay, imagine you're in a boat sailing south and a storm catches up with you from the north. It starts pushing the boat too fast, so you take down the sails."
"Yeah, and when the storm passes you raise the sails again."
"This storm was so big it didn't pass over us. We were stuck with it for days. It kept pushing the waves higher."
"Why didn't you sail out of it?"
"Wind was blowing too hard. Couldn't raise the sails. All we could do was let it push us farther to the south."
"Why didn't you turn on the motor and return to port?"
"Too far offshore. Not enough fuel."
"Where exactly were you?"
"Maybe you should read the story from the beginning…"
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