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  • Twisted Shorties on Sep. 10, 2012

    The Writing Essential portal at ( is home to a pantheon of talented writers. It's one of the most supportive and vibrant writer communities you'll find anywhere. There you may find formal poems of the most diverse sorts, drabbles, sci-fi novel chapters, satire, cat diaries, prehistoric sagas, even the occasional sermon. Seven weekly editors provide guidance, support, and inspiration in the form of inventive prompts which rarely fail to generate a raft of creative responses. Many writers here are published and/or make their livings writing. It's an inspiring place to be and has been a huge factor in one of the most creative periods of my life. Thanks to Pam Brittain, you can now sample the creme de la creme at Gather in this remarkably variegated and delightful collection of short writing. Many of these writers have been enormously inspiring to me. They will you, too.
  • Twisted Shorties II on July 17, 2013

    I'm very grateful to be a part of Twisted Shorties II as well as Twisted Shorties. Dozens of authors from have put their best foot forward to create a compendium of miscellany like no other. is a unique model for a discussion, meeting, and news site. It features everything from celebrity gossip to recipes. But the writing community is a truly vibrant group of people, encouraging and supportive, putting out great work of enormous variety and mentoring fellow writers to a degree hard to find anywhere else on the web. Now comes the second volume of enormously creativitous and versatilatenous literaturity. The sheer creative variety makes this a smorgasbord like no other. The other thing that makes this collection unique is that we are not just writing for ourselves, alone in our garret. We are writing for each other, prompted by our editors, inspired by our mentors, encouraged by our friends. It's free, it's loaded with inspiration and enthusiasm, and there are some damn good writers represented here, including Greg Schiller, Barbary Chaapel, Len Maxwell, Kevin Ewing, Patricia Gilliam, A.F. Stewart, and Sheila Deeth, among many others. Did I mention it's digestible? The fiction is sudden and the poetry is friendly. Perfect for downloading to your phone and reading on the poddy. What are you waiting for?