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Smashwords book reviews by Shannon Neal

  • The Athena Effect on March 06, 2013

    I was given this book in exchange for a review. I really enjoyed this book! It was a very quick read with likable main characters. Cali was so sweet and naive. Her innocence made us sympathize with her and laugh when she was aloof to some things (like asking about what kind of dancer Crystal was). I also liked Calvin - he had a bit of the bad boy/player attitude going on, but he cared deeply for his brother. Cali brought out the best in Calvin and Calvin accepted Cali for who she was - simple enough love story, but it was well done in The Athena Effect! Getting to have both Cali and Calin's POV was nice for this story - it was nice to see their insecurities, back stories, and to see how it all came together. The supernatural elements to the book were interesting, but I think that the love story between Cal & Cal was more enjoyable to read. The Professor, Max, and Layla were introduced too late. To bring up another PN series, the Black Dagger Brotherhood, they have a bad group of vampire hunters who appear in every book, and we get insight of them throughout the book. In The Athena Effect, it just came too late! Although we knew there was something out looking for Cali, it was introduced too late into the story. That being said I definitely will want to read book 2! This was a well done high school love story, and I want to see what's up next for them. Lastly, I loved that it took place in San Francisco! (Where I currently live).