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Another writer, Aptos Psychologist, aka Dr. Cameron Jackson, discusses psychology, autism, developmental delays, education and life in northern California. Cameorn Jackson has written the book reviews listed below.

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Four More Obama Years?
Price: Free! Words: 9,210. Language: English. Published: September 22, 2012. Categories: Nonfiction » Politics & Current Affairs » Current affairs, Nonfiction » Business & Economics » Government & business
Gas price more than double. Growth of economy is flat. So many people on the public dole. No jobs for so many. Do you want four more years of Obama? This book can help you decide. Read 30+ under reported news stories concerning the economy, jobs, Obama-Care, racism and laws. Read comments by attorney James Jackson. And please comment back! What you say matters. send to jaj48@aol.
The Progressive Squeeze: Jobs, Economy & Laws
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 9,240. Language: English. Published: August 23, 2012. Categories: Nonfiction » Politics & Current Affairs » Government, Nonfiction » Social Science » Political science
Under reported, true news stories about USA politics,laws, ObamaCare racism and crime with pithy comments by attorney James A. Jackson. So, what solutions will unleash the USA economy, create jobs, rein in ObamaCare and enforce the laws that are on the books? Some solutions are suggested. Your comments invited. Do we want four more years? Speak up!
Shoveling Smoke: Laws & Regulations Smother Jobs & Economy
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 7,450. Language: English. Published: November 29, 2011. Categories: Nonfiction » Politics & Current Affairs » Social policy, Essay » Political
Like it or not, America gets 4 more years of Obama & Democrat policies. Like shoveling smoke, Obama & those like him are never there, and never responsible. Nothing sticks. Mincing no words, Firenze Sage, aka James A. Jackson, comments on laws and the stories which shapes our world. Attorney Jackson places responsibility on Obama and years of liberals. You will cry. And laugh.

Smashwords book reviews by James Jackson

  • The Sunni Path on Dec. 10, 2011

    Freedom to believe is not permissible in the Islamic religion/political system. It is a top/down religion with wives and children on the bottom of the heap. A few quotes: "Anyone after learning the way opposes the Prophet ....We shall hurl him into Hell." "The four gospels are Mathew, Mark, Luke and John. They were the first books to defile the Injil." "One should pity one's inferiors, those under our command [wives, children, students, soldiers] and the poor." Who wants pity? About equal legal treatment for every individual? The 50+ pilgrims to land in America came for religious freedom. And that freedom is still available here. That freedom is not available for reaaders of this book.
  • Resume Tips That Work on Dec. 11, 2011

    What is said about cover letters makes good sense: get attention so you as a person are remembered.
  • Thou Shalt Not Cheat on Dec. 18, 2011

    Thou Shalt not [Cheat] is a humorous, modern twist on the creation of man story contained in the Bible, Gen. 2-7: “And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life ..." The last line of the book contains the punch line -- which I will not give away. I'd prefer a different title. Either: Thou Shalt not Plagarize or Don't Steal God's Dirt! This book is a quick, good read for modern believers with a sense of humor. But why free? God had to work 6 hard days and is still working to keep a handle on upety man/woman. Therefore, only 3 stars because it's free. When the author puts it with his other book FAKE (another good, quick, free book) and prices them for .99 cents -- then ....?
  • A Blueprint for Prosperity: Market-based Alternatives to the Obama Blueprint for Change on Dec. 26, 2011

    The author is up front about his biases. He describes himself as a “straight up capitalist”. He identifies as a Reagan Republican with belief in economic self sufficiency, faith in the individual and individual freedoms. He does not identify with any current political party and says he is “an extreme nonpartisan” : “I focus on solutions …” He was raised a Catholic but no longer practices. “Try not to kill…only kill as a last resort…” His life experiences are substantial: ex-Navy nuclear electrician; he made some bad financial decisions and hence was homeless for four years; he taught Linux at an adult school near San Diego, CA until the class was cancelled. The author currently runs a consulting business and has a web site: http://tradecraftsolutions.com The author is correct: the book focuses on solutions to our country's big problems. I'd love to overhear an imaginary conversation between the author and Paul Ryan discussing the U.S. budget. It is refreshing when an author clearly states his biases and why he wrote his book (time on his hands as the class he teaches was cancelled). For his honest, up front aproach to serious problems that need solutions -- I rate this book four stars. (reviewed within a month of purchase)
  • Smashwords Book Marketing Guide on Jan. 01, 2012

    Definitely worth reading and following the suggestions. For example, the book recommends authors create a signature with a link to their book on SmashedWords.com so friends and acquaintances can easily know about the book. And its free!
  • A Thousand Lies: Lies Every Good American Must Believe on Jan. 01, 2012

    Below are some of the "lies" that the author lists at the beginning. Many of the supposed lies have a base of people who profit by spreading that particular “lie” 1) "Children learn better at public schools than at private or home schools." [This statement is spread by the teacher unions-- including the SEIU of which I am required to be a member-- and buttressed by public school teachers who say one thing yet send their own children to private schools.. Even the NWACP buys into this view. Weird but true.] 2) Sex education has reduced STD’s, unwanted pregnancy, abortion and rape. [This statement has been widely spread by the liberal/progressive leaning press in conjunction with Planned Parenthood and various govt agencies which seek control over the public school education curriculum.. So far as I know, “sex education” wastes tax payer money.] 3) Iraqi women are better off now than before we invaded Iraq. [At least they can vote which they could not before. My guess is that Wafa Sultan who wrote A God Who Hates agrees that Iraqi women are better off. Her book is available through Amazon for $16. Maybe SmashedWords.com readers ask Dr. Sultan to make it available as an e-book?].] 4) One who leafs through a popular glossy magazine and feels no visceral repulsion may be whole and healthy of mind and spirit. [Huh? Glossy magazines are great when you wait in a physician's waiting room and want to tune out. Who actually reads them?] 5) Our culture is one of modesty, humility, honesty and decency. [Many American adults who are over 50 and who have lived through ups and downs and who routinely attend a Christian church or equivalent such as Mormon or Jewish and who practice their faith do in fact become more honest, humble, and decent. Also, they live considerably longer on the average!! So religion can be good for you in many ways. Yes there is well done research that supports this. Just take away the word "culture" as who knows what that refers to. 6) Americans are admired and loved around the world. [An Iraqi in charge of training when asked what he now thought about America and Americans after years of working with our troops replied: “Americans are much better than what you see in the movies..." A 55 year old Mexican who entered the US legally and overstayed his student visa and later became a citizen after 20 years here took his American grandson back to Oaxaca, Mexico. It was an eye opening experience for the 10 year old lad. His grandfather said, “Americans who have not lived abroad have no idea what a wonderful country this is…”] 7) Those who hate America are radicals, terrorists, militants and for this reason should die. [So what do we do with Obama -- who per his actions, i.e., routinely apologizing to the world for America’s past actions; , putting down the Prime Minister of Israel when he visited here , who takes over 1/6 of the economy with ObamaCare, who has an Attorney General who treats terrorists as common criminals who should have Miranda rights -- who acts as though he does hate America? Yes many radicals, terrorists and militants do hate America. Should they die? No -- just offer radicals and progressives free one way plane tickets to despotic countries which lack American freedoms. And terrorists should be locked up in Gitmo for an indefinite period of time.] 8) "Muslims are less than Christians." [The Muslim faith per the Koran treats women as lesser beings and Christians as lower than women and Jews even lower than Christians. No Muslim need be honest with outsiders such as Christians and Jews. In my view, the Muslim faith has not developed past the 7th century. ] America better watch and take action so that sharia law does not spread here as it has in Europe and England.] 9) "Organ transplantation is a noble undertaking." There are all sorts of groups that profit monetarily from this viewpoint. [A dog friend acquaintance gave her boy friend a kidney as he has been on dialysis for 10 years. She looked like the aged 15 years when I saw her a month after the transplant. I hope that her boy friend is worth the effort.] So are these statements "lies"? No. Am I offended by any of them? No. Overall, I could not read more than about 5-7 pages before I’d had enough.
  • Life, Loss, Truth & Adventure on Jan. 01, 2012

    Check out the pictures. Beautiful and add considerably to the experience. One great eagle picture. Cute chick held in his hands...
  • 20 Ways to Save Money Without Sacrificing Students on Jan. 01, 2012

    Is it really that 'sad' to cut school personnel? I question what the author says below: "A majority of every school district budget is spent on personnel. Costs for salaries and associated benefits total 75% or more of many school district budgets. Sadly enough, the only way to make really big cuts to a school district budget is to cut personnel..." In my view, the big issue is what kind of personnel cuts to make. The big difference between public schools and private schools is the enormous difference in money spent on administation. It seems a no brainer to CUT administrative costs by public schools. When I read an article like this, I read the first sentence of every paragraph to get an overview of where the author is going. That's not possible here as the first line of the paragraphs do not create an outline of the author's main ideas. Why not improve the overall flow of the ideas via better first sentneces?
  • Don't Tell Me To Get Over It - A Journey Through Grief on Jan. 01, 2012

    The author lost her 17 year old son to sudden, unexpected suicide. This is a mother's personal story how she experiences her grief. Chapter 3 discusses some ways that helped her deal with grief: thinking that he is in the next room and talking to him; keeping around clothing that smelled like him; meditation, physical activities, fundraising "for the children", quiet time, and the support of friends. Tags help readers know what's inside the book. The book could use more "tags" in addition to the one tag given: "grief". Other appropriate tags for Don't Tell Me to Get Over It include: suicide, teenage, death, son, mother, love never dies, memories, time, spirituality, ways to cope, John Denver, Sunchine song, Stand by Me song, away on holiday and friends. Organizations that help prevent teen suicide would be a useful resource to include at end. The author says that she now lives for her two remaining sons. That's quite a weight for them to bear. I agree with the author that some things one never gets over. Over much time, pain can lessen.
  • The Prometheus Post - Issue Two on March 03, 2013

    Buyer beware. Download and read before you buy.