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Can you explain what the Rise of Commons is and why it is taking place?
The Rise of Commons: Menecracy Government of the People Description of the Topic The ideology is written on the interesting topic of humanity, its problems, challenges, and optimistic future. The question of reaching the age of utopia is revisited with exciting discoveries of democratization of several sectors of life such as governance, intellect, equality, wealth creation, opportunities and freedom. Doctrine and other details additionally describe the remaining hurdles of humanity which are in the form of some outdated fundamentalist beliefs, feudal system, aristocrats, communism, and dictatorships. The matter starts with the description of evaluating how humans with the passage of time have accepted the theories of creation, evolution, labeling, and dualistic theories of human tagging. It revisits human greed, influence of religion, contradicting faiths and an array of related barriers. It describes how injustice had prevailed and is being protected under the guise of various labels, symbols and slogans. Doctrine and matter describes how changing times have paved the path for human equality and soon to be evolution of the planet where all human will rise towards mutual tolerance, unified religions and mutual agreements of peace, progress and protection of human values above regional, racial, and other artificial old set of values. Doctrine carries a complete set of political strategies, suggested approaches of upholding human values through equal status of women, eliminating class system and arriving at the stage of Menecracy which is evolved form of Democracy.
Could you explain the Doctrine of Menecracy?
Theory of Menecracy deals with two basic topics of people’s social, economic and political woes and misery of the poor people globally. Secondly, topic examines the very causes of such desolation and human suffering due to the absence of control upon natural and manmade resources. It adds in the reasons of elitist group formation and control techniques application into hoarding of natural and other planetary resources.
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The Rise of Commons: Menecracy, Government of the People
Price: $9.99 USD. Words: 71,010. Language: English. Published: June 6, 2012. Categories: Fiction » Inspirational, Nonfiction » Social Science » Political science
The Arab freedom movements, fall of dictators, failure of the communist doctrine, and demand of reforms upon the democracy is paving the Self-Rule revolution, termed as "Menecracy". New theory paves the path for 90 days Presidency. This novel approach will provide a chance to all citizens to become Head of the State. Global Revolutions are shaped with one agenda,"Self-Rule and Revolving Leadership

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