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  • The Human Side of Agile - How to Help Your Team Deliver on Jan. 06, 2013

    I really enjoyed reading Gil's book. I'm truly amazed how he managed to address fairly common issues that we are facing in our work environment (and most likely on a daily basis). For me, very often it was a reminder that we are not 'agile enough' and how on some critical junctions we've made a wrong turn (for whatever reason, it's our human nature to think that was the right choice considering all circumstances). In my opinion, the following topics are the best - pairing and benefits it brings to agile teams, why performance reviews do not fit well in agile environment (the season is about to start, again :), motivation factors for knowledge workers, human behaviors that make a strong agile team. Gil almost perfected it. I hope others will find the book interesting and useful. Hopefully, we all can make some improvements and contribute to better results - one step at the time.