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  • Storyteller on March 18, 2012

    I have been reading this on and off for some time now, after having received a copy through LibraryThing -- mostly because I tend to forget about books on the Kindle. But I have finally finished it -- and really enjoyed it. It's the story of a 6th century Welsh storyteller, who hopes to become a bard; this is about one summer's travelling around what is now known as Wales. He has a less-than-perfect travelling partner, which causes all kinds of problems for both of them, but by then end of the book he has been apprenticed to a bard and is on the way to following in the footsteps of Taliesen, the legendary bard. The story abounds with characters from British mythology and is a very enjoyable read; I was disappointed to find myself at the end of the book. But not with the story!