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  • Coop on Feb. 02, 2013

    Jack Teeter is gaining experience as a writer and it shows! Coop is the captivating story of a baseball coach who loses everything to stand on principle. To add insult to injury, he loses his ability to speakin the car wreck that cost him his job. Years later, Coop's grandson Billy becomes the first to know that Coop has miraculously regained his ability to speak. And he wants his grandfather to be his coach. There is resistance. But there is also support from a new woman in his life in a silly straw hat. Coop is a suspense story that comes to a predictable romance-novel conclusion but it is a great read. I highly recommend Coop.
  • Living on a PEG on Feb. 02, 2013

    What's a PEG? So, "Living on a PEG"… begs the question what is this PEG thing the author, Jack Teeter is writing about? Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG) is a method of placing a tube into the stomach. So this person: Sonny Jacobs, has a tube -- a feeding tube -- in his gut. Wow! Wonder I what that's like? Why does he have the PEG; what condition brought about such a life-changing event in Sonny's life? It obviously is his way of getting nutrition; what kind of food is it? What does it taste like -- or is there any tasting involved using a PEG? Can a person live a full life only on that stomach-tube feeding? Does he have to cut back on… uh… living his life? Wait -- I have more questions. Is the PEG permanent? Will Sonny never eat or drink anything -- ever? Wonder how many people are living on a PEG in the USA? (Answer: 31,000 in the year 2000.) And one last question: Sonny, don't you miss eating, don't TV 'foody' commercials drive you crazy, do holidays (with all the pomp and circumstance surrounding say: Thanksgiving dinner) make you sad? Jack Teeter has written lots of books, but I dare say this is his most personal -- and to me, his most compelling. Thanks for sharing, Mr. Teeter, and for giving us an insight into "Living on a PEG".
  • Virgin Karleen on Feb. 02, 2013

    Heartaches by the number Karleen is just a kid; a beautiful, sexy, kid -- but still, just a kid. Then she meets up again with Tom. Tom, his brother Joe, and Karleen all went to school together. A lot has happened since then. Tom is a car mechanic and races motorcycles. Joe has just returned from WW II and is an Army Air Corps officer candidate. Karleen is a hoochie-koochie girl at the county fair -- just through the summer -- who starts college in the fall. Karleen looks outside and sees Tom waiting in line for his private séance with 'Virgin Karleen'. "I cannot tell your fortune, Thomas…" she tells him. Instead, she gives Tom a secret message to pass along to his brother Joe: 'Meet me behind the tent after the show'. Karleen imagines romance, travel, and maybe a child or two as the wife of a WW II veteran and USAF officer! What she gets is life in a trailer on a dirt-poor upstate New York farm. Violence, infidelity and even murder await this new family trio. And through it all Tom patiently waits for his chance for romance with the lovely 'Virgin Karleen'. Jack Teeter knows how to craft a great story!