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  • Kings, Killers and Kinks in the Cosmos on Oct. 11, 2012

    "Kings, Killers and Kinks in the Cosmos/ A Biography" is another very good and profusely illustrated read by former award winning photographer/newsman Robert Egby, in which he describes his time in the Royal Air Force at RAF Station El Firdan in the Suez Canal Zone and at Forces Broadcasting at Fayid in the Canal Zone, as well as on Cyprus and other locations around the world, along with memories of his childhood in England during World War 2. I found I could relate personally with this book having myself served for two and a half years with the Royal Air Force at RAF El Firdan during the time described in the book and heard his voice on a daily basis on the radio in my tent when he made his broadcasts. I felt that I was sharing some of his experiences during the war because I also was a child growing up in England at that same time and remember very well the nightly air raids, the bomb shelters and the adventures I had with my school pals. The author mentions many names and places which were familiar to me during my days at El Firdan so as one can see, this book is of special interest to me and to anyone of my age who experienced those times and/or served in the armed forces in Egypt and Cyprus. I have also read and reviewed Robert`s novel "Pentadaktylos" and have just purchased "The Guardians of Stavka" by the same author. George Easton. Ontario. Canada