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  • Rover Flight on July 31, 2011

    This was read on my Kindle. This was rated 5-Stars as a book that I thoroughly enjoyed, could easily read again . . . maybe even more than once. Often, as I was reading "Rover Flight", I was reminded of "The Getaway Special" by Jerry Oltion, another excellent escapist SciFi story. The parallels are devices for space travel invented from off-the-shelf parts, likable characters and fun, escapist plots. From there, the story lines each go their own, unique directions. Peter is a tinkerer, often to his wifes dismay (she couldn't bear to use his 'improved' vacuum cleaner and only barely kept him out of HER kitchen). Only this time, he accidentally invents a fantastic, innovative space drive - one that EVERYONE is trying to get. The plot proceeds without a hitch and the characters are extremely well developed; very three dimensional. Mr. Walker did an excellent job with this story and I look forward to reading his other stories, that were also found on Smashwords. I think "Rover Flight" could easily segue into a sequel . . . (hint, hint, hint).