Smashwords book reviews by ELSA CARRION

  • Cape Ingénue on April 11, 2012

    Too think that the author put this together in a month has me amazed at his creativity! Thank you E. Bard for the opportunity you gave me in reading your story. I really enjoyed it and I was immediately swept up in this wonderful tale. I will be looking forward for more novels from E. Bard. I fell for bad boy Colt, and liked Sandrin immediately, good job on both characters. I really don’t tinker in crime/mystery novels but this story made me look at this genre again. I only wish that more info on some of the event that occurred in the story were diverged at the end a sort of enlightenment to Kevin situation and the crazy uncles as well as the contents of the box.
  • Angel Evolution on April 27, 2012

    First I would like to say thanks to David for offering to let the group review and providing the book to me as well. On with the review.....I gave the book 5 starts. Loved the story; in case the five starts didn't say enough. The story although not original...demons vs. angels....there was a crazy nice twist to it, were the good guys are not what, or who, one would expect. I'm a sucker for an angel stories but even a bigger sucker for a nice girl finding her true love! The story had be cheering, sighing, feeling sad and happy….this story had me feeling all sorts of emotions!I will definitely be reading his other books in the series as well as other books he has or will have out in the future. Did I mention that I LOVED IT!! I loved, loved, loved it and can’t wait to see what happens in the next book!
  • The Curse Girl on May 01, 2012

    I love the story of Beauty and the Beast and better with a different twist. I really enjoyed this version of the Beauty and the Beast story. Although a little too short for my taste but it was very interesting on how a story can be tweaked to create another wonderful story that I will not soon forget. Will is a jerk; Liam is a better person even though he is not your typical male. Rose is a sweetheart and all the other characters bring back the feeling that one got when we first saw the movie. Thank you Kate Ellison for the opportunity gave me and allowed me to review the book.
  • Pandora's Key on May 07, 2012

    Good story enjoyed the plot. I do like mythology base stories and this one was very good. I will spare you the synopsis because you can always go and read that elsewhere. Onward with the review….so you’re probably thinking why four stars...and here is why....there was too much thinking going on in her own mind which to me was a little annoying. I understand that sometimes the thoughts of the character need to be told...but it just seem too much. Raphe could have been a stronger character I wish she would included him more scenes with him in it instead of almost at the end. Loved the ending did not see that coming. It took me longer to read than I thought I don't know if it was because I kept getting interrupted or there where time where it slowed down a bit or it cold have been that it was like 48 chapters! Darn if it’s to short and darn if its’ to long right oh well still good glad I read it. I just noticed that there will be a second and third book and because it’s mythology I will definitely be reading it. Pandora Key didn’t really have a big cliff hanger so I can’t wait where the story is going to take me next. Maybe a little more romance in the next book; that would really be nice. Thank you Nancy for letting me review your book. I really enjoyed your story.
  • Children of the Gods - A Chosen Novel on May 14, 2012

    The story was different but kind reminded me of the movie “The Body Snatchers”, in a way. However I enjoyed it tremendously. Good plot and characters. A little on the sad side but the love Jaxson showed and the patience he had with Reka could not help but like him. The story is left with a small cliff hanger wondering what's going to happen with Reka, Jax or even Griff. I was lost as to the time frame that Reka was with Jaxson, at times it seemed like a few months had passed but other times it felt like years had gone by. It left me wondering but not enough to have prevented me from enjoying the story.
  • Frost on May 29, 2012

    This story was very, very interesting and very, very good. One can see the world a frozen land; where most people work their fingers off and few are privileged. Lia is head of the household since her parents were killed. Her small family consists of her older brother, who had an accident when he was a child has left him unable to walk, and her younger sister, whom is very ditzy and likes to dream and wonder off. They have been told all their lives to stay out of the forest after dark and to keep the flowers close when they go out and Lia must go out very often. She must go into town to deliver her quota and exchange for supplies. They also have been told that “Fathers” are dangerous and “Watchers” are worst. But when ditzy finds a hurt Father in the woods one day while daydreaming, she wants to help him and therefore recruits Lia to help. I love dystopian stories and this is a very good one, I am looking forward to reading the next one. However, with Frost ending the way it did, I can’t wait to see what’s Kate has in mind.
  • Water on June 13, 2012

    Water…like the cover…I loved the meaning behind it…although sometimes a little much wasn’t a fan of all the description about the reversal of the situations they were to assist. However, if you like environmental issues and if you are an Eco-fanatic or even a tree hugger then you will definitely like this book. I finally was able to figure out the meaning behind the statement “the rape of mother earth” wow! Katie, Micah, Shawn, Cato & Alex are the main characters. Katie lost her mother when she was small, don’t remember if the story mentioned who raised her, but she grows up and becomes a professional photographer that goes around the world and snaps away for money. She ends up in a compound called Chakra after a skiing accident. The Chakra is run by Cato who is also the Rais, with the help of Micah, Shawn & Alex. Each one has type of special energy/power that is assisted/made stronger by the elements, except for Alex, he is a normal. Katie is what they call a Gaias aka Mother Earth, Micah is her Ardwyad help and control her power, Shawn is a crazy Medwin and well Alex their is their technical adviser. The story is interesting it helps realize that there will definitely be a problem in the future with our natural resources if we do not take matters into our hands. The ideas and problems that are mentioned in the story are well laid out and work well with the plot and story line. There are two situations in the story that I think might be for older teens, but I do love the message behind the story and the issues about our Natural Resources. The ending is a whopping cliff hanger that I will most definitely be looking forward to the continuation.
  • Freewill on Sep. 06, 2012

    Title: Freewill Author: Elyse Draper Genre: YA, Paranormal Dark Fantasy with some Romance Ebook: 4377 about 250 pgs Series: First of Three I finished Freewill a few days ago but wanted to read all three before I wrote the review. I love that I didn’t have to hang on a cliff hanger for very long all I had to do was go to the next book. Love that!! The plot was unique and the story was well written, no errors that I can remember of. The story is unlike anything I have read recently and can’t say enough how good it was. It’s very nice to have come across something different and this good. The story is about Ellie and Christopher, both with special abilities but only one of them so far that can go from our world into another world that is parallel to ours. But enough of that the books synopsis explains it better. I liked Charlie but loved Christopher! I believe in sole mates and love at first sight. So I loved her concept about sole mates. And what story would be complete without the evil character and boy did this one have bad/evil characters. James - psychopath, “V”- demented Aztec Priest, Esidor demented Nazi Soul Sucking General, The Symboulio – brainwash organization, The Timoro – revolting repulsive horrid nasty malevolent merciless killers. I think I covered most of the evil ones. A little different and confusing in the beginning but hang in there it all comes together at the end and its well worth it. With plenty of twists and turns I didn’t want to put it down, but sleep won at the end. Fast past story (once you get past 1/3 of the book) that I recommend to any age group. If you like fantasy you will like Freewill.
  • Consequences on Sep. 06, 2012

    Title: Consequences Author: Elyse Draper Genre: YA, Paranormal Dark Fantasy with some Romance Ebook: 4387 about 260 pgs Series: Second of Three As soon as I finished Freewill (book one) I started on Consequences. I’d finished a few days ago but decided to finish reading all three before I wrote the reviews. As I said before, in my review for Frewill, I love the fact that I didn’t have to wait for the next book to come out and hanging on to the cliff hanger (which I hate) for very long all I had to do was go to the next book. Loved it!! I still love the plot and its exceptional story line. It’s well written, again no errors that I can remember of. The story continues to surprise me with the uniqueness unlike anything I have read recently (besides the first book of course) and can’t say enough on how good it is. The story is mostly about Ellie with a little Christopher. This second installment is more like a first installment because it goes back and explains, kind of like breaks everything down. It read more like what a book one should have, but still very interesting. This one is a little on the slow side but still a good read.
  • Vindication on Sep. 06, 2012

    Title: Vindication Author: Elyse Draper Genre: YA, Paranormal Dark Fantasy with some Romance Ebook: 4149 about 255 pgs Series: Last in series Amazing series! Loved it, Loved it. The story line is exceptionally brilliant and if I could give it 10 starts I would. The uniqueness of the plot but the story overall was awesome. I was sad to see that I had turned the last electronic page. It was finished but I wanted more in fact it there could be more but it ended in a good spot with a very very good ending. Lots of twists and turns, ups and downs and “wait…what”’s, a few “no it can’t”’s thrown in for good measure. I also slapped the forehead a couple of times. Loved Lune threw out the series but this one had me chocking with unshed tears. Enchida was introduced in the pervious books in the series but the reader in this last book really got to see what she/he/it was really made of. A few new characters were introduced; the story sailed along pretty fast. What else can I say besides reading is believing and once finished with all three, all will agree it was and is an amazing series. I definitely recommend this to those who love YA Romance Paranormal Dark Fantasy stories.
  • Siren Song on Oct. 26, 2012

    Simply a hot, sexy, excellent read!! Title: Siren Song Author: AC Warneke Format: 288 ebook pgs Genre: Urban Science Fiction Fantasy Romance Cover: Nice Cover Duncan is a wolf, Lexi is the siren and this is the first book I’ve read that included these two creatures. I can’t remember ever reading about a siren, especially one that is not tied to water and I’m usually not into wolves stories. I’m glad I gave this one a try. The story was a nice brake from the world saving heroines novels that I’m usually reading. This was simply a hot, sexy, excellent read. I loved the way Lexi was confidant and loved the way she displayed it through her dress style. She was sweet and nice and possessed the power some females have that attracted the males; she is a siren after all. Lexi only has two friends…. two male sexy friends that are also her roommates. They help her out of her shy shell in the beginning when she was a bit of a loner. The story had me smiling and fanning myself through out the story. Lexi was a very good instigator I felt sorry for Duncan, he has so many blue Pelotas (balls). She knew what she wanted and poor Duncan didn’t have a chance. So many hot scenes in different locations (yes locations) that I lost count. They were hot unable to control their actions and then they remembered the rules (dam those rules). It’s can’t be easy to keep your hands off when your boss is so darn HOT! Sirens Song is a stand alone book for mature audience at least older young adult.
  • The Athena Effect on Jan. 23, 2013

    At first I thought the story was going to be about mythology Athena goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, just warfare, mathematics, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill basically the best of the best. But it wasn't it was a very nice romance action packed story, that has really nothing to do with mythology except for the name. Bad boy Cal meets sweet innocent Cal... yes both are named cal, however it's not as confusing as one might expect. She tries to avoid him but fails miserably. Female Cal has a very unique quality that helps her when she must move in with her aunt and her aunt creepy lazy significant other. And of course the evil villain is the crazy scientist that must possess the innocent sweet Cal with this exceptional quality. Very good story, fast paced, recommend it to all ages, will definitely be reading the rest in the series as they come out. I don't remember any scenes that would be considers questionable. The characters are 18 and are alone a few times, but nothing to descriptive or nothing I can remember.
  • Guardians Of The Akasha on Jan. 31, 2013

    Loved the Cover and the story! Rate: 4 stars Title: Guardians of the Akasha Author: Celia Stander Format: eBook – pgs Genre: YA Sci-fi, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Novel with a little Romance and Adventure mixed in. Cover: 5 stars Series: Yes Main Characters: Keira & Marco Santana!!! After reading the blub, I knew this was my kind of story. The story takes you on a wild trip of good vs. evil with supernatural powers. A lot of characters are involved but the two main ones are Keira who’s an older teen that had her future planned out, but not yet told her parents, and was getting ready to go to college & Marco Santana (really like the name) Leader of the Draaken and protector of the Guardian. The story takes place in London but takes you to several other locations around the world. Although the story is not very descriptive with the locations except that they are traveling to and from these locations. A little disappointed with this aspect, I would have enjoyed it if some type of landmarks were described. The romance part was foreseeable as soon as the male stepped in the scene, but that’s okay, I don’t mind knowing who the love interest is going to be early in the story. The story had several twists that I was not expecting but some were a given. What story would be complete without an evil deranged power hungry manipulator and in this story that would be Deamon and his Watchers who want the power of the Akasha. I enjoyed the story vey much and would recommend the book. There are a few battle scenes which naturally have death, but nothing too graphic. I would not have a problem allowing my children to read when they were young. We have to remember that this is just a story that can and will take you away to a different world with a happy ending. I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion and review.
  • What Lies Behind on Sep. 03, 2013

    Not my cup of tea.... This was not what I was expecting when I picked up this book. I assumed that when I read the expert/summary and read “extraordinary life” it was going to be full of surprises not about a pitiful woman. I like to read peppy happy stories, this was depressing. I’m not saying that I don’t ever read sad stories, I do, I love the story “Forbidden” very sad. This story threw me for a loop, I should have done a little more reading/investigating before investing my time and effort in this story, but I didn’t and therefore, I sucked it up and finished the story, with that being said on to the review. After reading several reviews from fellow reviewers there’s really nothing else I could possibly write that would be beneficial to this story. I agree with most that this was a well written book, with no errors that I was able to see. The story line held my interest just enough to finish it, but would I re-read it? I don’t think so. The character development for the grandmother was a lot better than the granddaughter, Lisa and yet I found myself rooting for Lisa more than Lillian. Lillian came from one of those rare families that were never really affected much by the depression. She was privileged, raised by a cold hearted mother whom only taught her that all she had to do was look pretty and marry well, in other words, grow up and be useless, just like her. With only a high school diploma she had nothing to fall back on if things went wrong in her marriage or life, and did they ever go wrong. How does the saying go….the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Well, Lilian sure didn’t, her mother was cold towards her and she did the same to her children. I’m surprised that her kids didn’t end up wacked! Although Lilian’s daughter did find a job that took her far away from her bitter cold hearted mother but her son stayed closed in order to keep an eye on his useless mother. As you can tell I didn’t care for Lilian, and as for Lisa’s character I was sure that she was going to be just like her grandmother, marry well, look pretty and no need for a brain. Until, she proved me wrong and did a 360!! I believe that was the best part of the story. I found the romance that this story was in dire need of, but it was a little too late for me. The story left a sour taste in my mouth and I really cant bring myself to recommend this story to those that I follow and those very few that follow me. I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion and review. Title: What Lies Behind Author: Cynthia Hill Format: ebook 312 pgs Length: 21 chapters Genre: Contemporary Adult Published: 8/5/2012 Cover: 2 stars Tense: third person present Setting: Toronto 1920’s - Present POV: Alternates between Lilian & Lisa Characters: Lilian & Lisa Rating: 2 stars Series: No