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"Writing is about translating life into words without sacrificing the grimace and the giggle." --E. J. Ruek

E. J. Ruek, pronounced "rook", writes contemporary mainstream novels with just a nod of nerve-tingling what-if possibility.

"In life, things are not always as they seem -- not on the surface and not underneath. I like that. I like to write about that. Your auntie might not be that nice lady you always thought she was. In fact, she might be nicer. If fact, she might have hidden knowledge that you never dreamed someone like her could harbor, much less use. She has secrets, and those secrets drive the neighbors crazy, because they just "know" that something isn't quite as "normal" as it should be. ...And it isn't.

"You just never know. You can never assume. Because, when you do, things happen."

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  • The Nephilim Formula on June 20, 2009
    (no rating)
    I thought this might be a good read when I saw it. The cover art was enticing, the blurb sounded good. I clicked to check out the sample and was hit by the repeated use of words like 'sumptuous', 'expensive', and 'luxurious', the author telling us, hammering it into us, rather than demonstrating that this is an elite suite and a well-heeled investigator. I think the plot and story might be very, very good, but the writing needs a solid professional editing, in my opinion. Sentences like this in the very first few paragraphs made me click out: "There was a knock at the door. Oh no! Who could this be?"