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My life as a writer began… and here I am.
Ha! You thought that was the end didn’t you? Well it’s not, this is only the beginning! I’m here because I thought, as all good readers do, that you might be interested in how I started my life as a conduit for the stories of others. As I myself, have looked for the beginnings of my most cherished authors and story tellers. People who inspire and push me to be true to the stories I tell. Many people have influenced me over the course of my life as a writer and many things have taught and prepared me for my writing. Even when I didn’t know I wanted to be a writer till after the birth of my second child. I spent years locked away in books, reading and learning the makings of great stories. Things I never knew would be beneficial for my writing… I never even thought about writing a book, never had any great ideas, until one day a girl named Sora walked into my head and started telling me her story. One day I will share her story with you, but that day is not today. She was my first.
Okay moving right along. I wrote the first hundred pages of “Fire Echoes” in the fall of 2008, as I raised a toddler and my new baby. And then I paused like all normal authors do and had an avalanche of changes crash into me. And about two and a half years later I finished the book in the spring and summer of 2010. I was so happy that I had actually finished it, that I printed it out and took it to thanksgiving dinner and had to show everyone. I remember my Grandmother sitting down and holding the binder I had it in, and flipping slowly through the pages with a smile on her face. “This is a wonderful achievement” she said to me. I asked my dad if he would read it and tell me what he thought. And let me just say first that my dad, was the kind of man who read autobiographies and life story books, never had I ever seen him pick up a fantasy novel, let alone of book about a teenage girl. I left my book with him that day and when I came back the next day he was almost done reading it! He had finished my whole book in one day, and he loved it! Of course he was biased, but that didn't deter me, if my father loved it then so would everyone else!
In 2011 I wrote the second book in “The Sealed Ambitions” Series, called “Ice Hears” and let me tell you, that one went much faster than the first. I had so much more knowledge about writing and myself as a writer that it came easier to me. There are so many stories that link into my mind, and that are all connected. The story about Sora, and the story about Dez are both connected waiting for me to put the pieces together. Oh and then there’s the story about Ace, she is fearsome. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Dez has been the loudest so far, which is how her story is being told first. I started sending it out to agents around the country, never realizing how unpolished I was. Never knowing that the time for Dez’s story wasn't yet. I sent it to over ten literary agents in 2011, before finally looking for another option. I met some great people who taught me ways to become a better writer and new ways to share these stories with the world. I hired an editor, and she was brutal, but so so amazing! Where I finally got it out there! And now here you are, reading about my silly words and wanting to know more about where Dez came from and I’m spouting off nonsense. But honestly if you wanted to know about my characters you should be reading their books, this is simple human words.
My writing is a life line I never knew I had. My healthy escape. It has been so many things to me, and will become so many more things as I develop and grow with my characters. And really, I’m just a good listener, they tell me the story, and like a good bard I am given a few liberties. But in the end I tell their stories. And they so graciously allow me the privilege to share in the hopes that their lives and choices will help someone else. Any book worth reading leaves you with something you didn't have before. Whether it’s a lesson, an escape, a vacation from life, or if you’re listening to the right words, you will hear the answers to questions you never knew you had. Let the words teach you. The only power they have is your choice. You have so many choices, don’t lose them.
And with that I say in the words of the Sappren, “Theyan den tsu kena, mea salli ha ke’in dah!” See your True Path, and live it!

E.P. Lyn

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The Sealed Ambitions: Fire Echoes
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 66,190. Language: English. Published: January 5, 2014. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Contemporary
“How in the world did you hide something like this? An eagle attacked me in the park and the next day a mark showed up where it shouldn't be. Now I’ve got a glass eye poking out of my back and I’m running from something, my past or my future, and to something, possibly for my life…. Not the best way to start your summer, but hey, it’s what I've got.”

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