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  • Star-Spangled Panties on Feb. 12, 2021

    THE Go-To Book for Wonder Woman. A book review for "Star-Spangled Panties" by Carol A. Strickland. No matter what your age or who you are, it is time to understand that Wonder Woman is a hero, not just for girls, but for everyone. Wonder Woman is much more than pages in an old comic, Wonder Woman is a concept to aid all of humanity - more on that later. As a six year-old boy who became enamored with Superman comics, with issue #146 in May of 1961, and subsequently many of the DC titles, I felt that Wonder Woman was for girls. But I always enjoyed her appearances in Justice League and quickly found she was intelligent, strong, and a leader who I enjoyed seeing in action. Wonder Woman taught me that any one can be a hero. And this book reinforces that idea. "Star-Spangled Panties" is a work of love for the Wonder Woman character. The author, Carol Strickland, is highly qualified as a Wonder Woman scholar and an acknowledged expert on the subject. Reading this book is like receiving a warm personal tour with Ms. Strickland as the guide. Reading this feels like discussing the character over a cup of coffee. I love the use of comic book panels to make a point whether it is in discussing Wonder Woman's history over the years or her impact on society or society's impact on her. The book offers a thorough recap of the character's history, abilities, origin, villains, and significant adventures. As with most fiction, the intention of the Wonder Woman character is to entertain. But here we find that Wonder Woman is much than images on comic book pages. I think, without realizing it, this book presents Wonder Woman as a concept. It is NOT being preachy but it is a thorough examination of the character. Wonder Woman's origin is steeped in Mythology. The role of Mythology is to give us direction and purpose. If you are looking for inspiration, Wonder Woman has inspired its readers since day one. Turning to my beloved Superman hero as an example the point is made that Superman usually reacts to situations such as fixing the dam after it breaks. But Ms. Strickland points out that "Wonder Woman is proactive, always working to help humanity mature. Wonder Woman will change the world for the better." If you only have one book about Wonder Woman this book is THE reference. If you want to know more about Wonder Woman this book is THE introduction. If you want to know if Wonder Woman is the hero for you, this book is THE answer. Be prepared, the answer may be "yes" no matter your age or gender or who you are. Reading this you will find that Wonder Woman speaks to us all and for us all. I gotta tell you, when Star-Spangled arrived I glanced through it but found I could not put it down. With pleasure, I award Five Stars to "Star-Spangled Panties". Jess Terrell