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  • Persuasive Communication: Get What You Want Without a Gun! on Dec. 26, 2010

    The company I work for has waited for this book for a long time because there is too little Garf to go around. Maynard Garfield has been my business coach for the last 15 years or so and advised my company for 30 years. As this book clearly lays out, Garf has a tremendous amount of knowledge about how business works and how it should work. I am pleased that he has produced a book for the benefit of all. But what I find to be most helpful about Garf is his style. He has a way of figuring out the behaviors that are barriers to great performance, and then devising a simple plan on how to overcome those barriers. The teaching and coaching in this book can be as painful as they are transformational. But once you know, you can never go back.