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I am a Pennsylvania native who probably should have been born in the 19th century but somehow got flash-forwarded into the 20th. There was never any question I would be a nurse when I grew up, regardless of which century I was in. And beginning in about the seventh grade, there was no question that I’d launch that nursing career in the military. As an Army nurse during the Vietnam War era, I was privileged to care for the bodies and spirits of soldiers and veterans, including repatriated POWs and MIAs. My military experience has helped in writing parts of my novels. My support of the military is ongoing, and one of my favorite pastimes is volunteering at the USO in Denver.

My first two historical novels are set in my favorite time period in American history, the mid-nineteenth century. True Colors takes place in Virginia during the Civil War. The Arrow That Flieth By Day (the title is taken from Psalm 91) is set in post-Civil War Colorado. My novel Refining Fires takes place in the late 1950s, and is the story of a disfigured Korean War veteran and a nurse with a tainted reputation.

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Smashwords Interview

When did you first start writing?
Considering I wrote a form of my novella, “Blind Courage,” as an English assignment in the eighth grade, I guess you could say I started then. I got an A on that, and never did get the story of this little girl out of my mind. But there was a gap of about twenty years before I started writing for real, and waaay longer before I got around to rewriting "Blind Courage" for publication.
Do any of your real-life experiences factor in to your plots?
They sure do. Clare Canterbury in Refining Fires is a former Army nurse, as am I. Cassie Golden in True Colors is also a nurse, who works for the government during the Civil War. I have incorporated some of my military experiences into theirs.
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