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  • A Darkness Shattered on April 15, 2012

    Having just completed this novel by an albiet unknown author I am left shaking my head in awe at the ride I was just taken on. This novel has emotion. This novel has growth. this novel has action. This novel has love. this novel has zombies. But most importantly... THIS NOVEL HAS POTENTIAL! it has the potential to be the best book you've read all year. it has the potential to be made into a blockbuster of a movie. It has the potential to make you believe in the zombie genre again. In a genre taken over by office workers turned Jack Bauer and no plotline just blood and guts. "A Darkness Shattered" has turned all that on its head and made it about the story again, the journey and the emotion. If you have any doubts about this book I urge you to put them to the side and buy this book. Bruce Clothier is going places and this is your chance to start the journey with him.
  • Fleshbags on April 15, 2012

    When I first picked up Fleshbags by Gerald Rice and started reading my first thought was that this wasn't what I was expecting. Much like one doesn't expect to win the lottery, but I feel I did just that with this book. This grippingly powerful look at the zombie apocalypse will leave you terrified and loving every minute of it. Its haunting characters will leave you drooling in anticipation for the next installment. I highly reccomend this book, if you have a free afternoon or are looking to get scared spitless, pick this one up. You wont regret it.
  • Legends of Origin 2 - Orion's Harvesters on June 12, 2012

    Orion's Harvesters not only entertains, it challenges the imagination to wonder where we really came from. What is our true purpose? With engaging characters and an amazing plot line, you will be instantly intrigued. The second book in the Legends of Origin series, Orion's Harvesters leaves you begging for the next installment.