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  • The Moon Dwellers on Dec. 01, 2012

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Moon Dwellers and look forward to reading the rest of the series. The plot and setting are what really caught my attention and kept me intrigued. The Moon Dwellers reminded me of how I felt while reading Hunger Games, there was constant action and movement, I couldn't wait to find out what would happen next. The author did a fabulous job of dual perspectives too. The book is written from two POV's the male protagonist and the female protagonist. I loved reading Adele's thoughts and then finding out how Tristan was feeling or thinking during the same time lapse/event. Sometimes, authors become repetitive when they use dual POV's but I felt that the author here did a great job of maintaining my interest by provided the different piece of the story when using the different perspective. I though that the main characters Adele and Tristan were believable. I was worried they would fall in love at first sight (which I hate) and found the relationship between them extremely fascinating (kind of like Twilight, I hope this is fleshed out more in the other books). I also liked the authors use of sarcasm, and wit. I felt that none of the characters (main) were so unbelievable that the book was ruined, though I did find one of the fight scenes difficult to see occurring but thats what books are for right. A few of the negatives: I was intrigued by the underground living situation, but have to wonder why in 350 years no one ever ventured above ground to see what Earth was like, and how the underground world was able to survive without their surroundings crumbling, or to produce electricity etc. (these however are more of my realism gripes than the writing itself); also I wish there has been a bit more of a love story, though I felt that given the rest of the novel, the love story provided fit well. (thats just the inner romantic in me) Overall, I really enjoyed this book, and if your looking for a dystopian fantasy with lots of action and a little love thrown in there, then this book is for you! Will most definitely be reading the other books in this series!!