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Gary Wayne Clark; ¶, ♬ & $ - Novelist, Poet, Grammy® Recording Academy Artist & Venture Capitalist for Creative Destruction.

Gary Wayne Clark is an engineer by training, a venture capitalist by trade, but a storyteller at heart. With interests as varied as Science Fiction, Movie Soundtracks, Poetry and Photography, many divergent projects have sprung to life from his frozen fortress of solitude high in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

His Sci-Fi novel series, “The Devolution Chronicles”, is an epic journey from a post apocalyptic Earth to the planet of Niburu where the reader is asked – ‘what if there was a world where man no longer reigned and evolution ran backwards?’ His Haiku / Photography series “High Country Haiku” is a photographic journal of life above eight thousand feet in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. It started as a way to capture the native spirit of a simpler life in America’s High Country but devolved into something deeper, something more spiritual, and in the end, provided a glimpse of the path to enlightenment.

As a member of the Grammys® Recording Academy, the hallmark of his stories are critically acclaimed companion soundtracks by his band, Earamas™. Songwriters Gary Wayne Clark and Glen Dale Spreen provide an island of uniqueness amid an ocean of conformity. Together they have quietly been weaving an unexpected genre bending musical tapestry that stretches the boundaries of the imagination. With four albums and two singles, their music can be heard streaming from the cloud in eighty-five countries around the world.

When Gary’s not wandering the Trail of the Ancients, exploring the ruins of Chaco Canyon or traveling among the Hopi and Navajo tribes to share stories, he lives in the High Country of Colorado on his ranch with his wife, a Great Doodle named Neli, and the spirit of his shapeshifting interspecies translator, a telepathic Great Dane named Raz.

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My name is Gary Wayne Clark; an engineer by training, venture capitalist by trade, but a storyteller at heart. In a biotech lab, I’ve spliced together genes and created artificial life. Life that nature never intended, life not governed by the laws of evolution, and life that’s determined to survive at any cost. What if man’s arrogance sowed the seeds of his own destruction? It would mean an intrepid journey, to another dimension, to another world... I invite you to come along.

Dead Balance (Trailer)
The mountain resort of Deadraven hides a dark secret until a disabled veteran in a remote cabin receives an eerie message describing a grisly killing—before it happens. Baffled, the local Sheriff enlists the help of Logan, a troubled Indian boy with a scary talent for locating dead bodies, but when Logan’s vision quest to track the killer goes awry, the hunter becomes the hunted. As murder and ancient myths collide, Logan and the Sheriff race to stop a ruthless killer before another body dro


The Devolution Chronicles: Rise of the Chimera
Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 191,290. Language: English. Published: May 4, 2011. Categories: Fiction » Science fiction » General
Torn between revenge against an evil assassin and extermination by alien reptoids, Zacary Ryker and his crew stumble upon an ancient time portal on planet Niburu. To survive, their destiny relies on the dangerous liaison of a Shakespeare quoting Chimera, a teenage femme fatale and her telepathic wolf-dog shaman as they are drawn into an alternate reality where the law of evolution has run astray.
The Devolution Chronicles: Passage to Niburu
Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 142,100. Language: English. Published: December 9, 2010. Categories: Fiction » Science fiction » General
Pursuing a fanatical assassin, Commander Zacary Ryker crash-lands on the rogue planet of Niburu in the middle of an alien war. Only one thing stands between his revenge and annihilation; a mutant species called the Chimera. Facing extinction, they are forced to discover the truths that will determine if they are destined to survive on the mysterious planet of Niburu - and in the Multiverse beyond.

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