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Easton Hamilton is the founder and director of Reach, a private therapy practice based in the UK, which specializes in helping others to attain optimal mental and physical health, through the therapeutic integration of modern psychology with cutting edge science as well as ancient philosophies, principles and various systems of healing.

Reach is twenty-five years old, with practitioners UK wide – and through its popular franchise scheme, has a growing number of international satellite practices around the world. The Reach Approach is a holistic model developed by Easton and it was conceived out of his tireless research and many thousands of face-to-face client hours accumulated from thirty five years of helping others to resolve their issues and fulfill their potential and purpose.

A qualified psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and holistic practitioner, Easton has dedicated his professional life to working with those who are looking for lasting solutions to the many and varied problems encountered in modern life, including: addiction, depression, anxiety, stress, eating disorders, relationship problems, self-esteem issues, acute and chronic illnesses, dissociative disorders, just to name a few.

His truly integrative approach to wholeness and health properly recognizes that a struggling mind will impact negatively on one’s physical health and the status of one’s physical health will equally impact on the mind. The main thrust of Easton’s philosophy is that we will fall short of true health and wholeness if we try to find balance, harmony and contentment by looking in only one place i.e. through the vehicle of one kind of healing system. If you only attend to the needs of the mind or you attempt to ‘fix’ the body but ignore the needs of the mind, then sustainable health will continue to elude you.

The Reach Approach, as this book attests to, offers a profound and complete answer to the ills of the human condition. It is a synergistic approach to well-being, which initially evolved because Easton found that despite what existed in the helping arenas, there was nonetheless a ‘void’ that somehow did not meet the precise needs of the individual. Each helping organization or system was concerned with their bit of the equation – such as alcoholism, depression, eating disorders, cancer, diabetes – but there was no coherent approach which demonstrated how the mind-body system works interdependently as well as independently. And so a model, able to address all aspects of what it is to be human - mind, body, spirit and the environments in which we play out our roles - was needed.

Easton’s own life journey has not been without significant challenge and through his personal experience and that of countless others who have walked the Reach Approach path, Easton has carefully integrated many related and seemingly unrelated disciplines – including: psychology, biology, history, philosophy, spirituality, cognitive neuroscience and many more - and developed the tools we all need to live our lives to the full so we may rise up and be all we are capable of being.

Easton and Reach continue to be part of a silent revolution, which concerns itself with the empowerment of individuals and their communities through research, education and personal development practices. They are busy promoting the best ways to achieve self-improvement, mindful-living, increased personal awareness and spiritual growth.

Why not join this silent revolution today!

“I see a world in the future in which we understand that all life is related to us and we treat that life with great humility and respect.”

David Suzuki (1936 – present)

If you are interested in finding out more about The Reach Approach, visit the website at: www.thereachapproach.co.uk.

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