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Smashwords book reviews by Echoing Star

  • In Your Dreams on Oct. 14, 2012

    What can I say? In Your Dreams has a very original story line that I'm pretty sure no other authors can think of. I was completely sucked into Zip's world, imagining and feeling her feelings and emotions in every step of the way. Each character was well described and realistic. Believe me, this story is different from others. I have NEVER read any stories like this one before and I can't wait for book 2! I started this book a little late in the day since my sister was ecstatic about it and I ended up staying up late just to try and finish the book!
  • Forever Fae on Dec. 30, 2012

    I have completely fallen in love with this book! (And I can't wait for book 2!) I stayed in bed reading it until 2AM in the morning because it is so hard to put down! I love all the characters because none of then are wimps (thank god) and they were 'fully developed'. The plot was amazing and the ending was PERFECT. Although I have read a few books that were kind of the same as this one, the way this book was presented just gave it a completely different vibe to it. I give it a complete 5 stars because of the great imagination that was put into this book. The only complaint (but did not bother me much) was that there were a few extra words here and there, a few grammar mistakes and the name 'Titiana' was spelt wrong. But trust me, once you get started on this book, you will barely even notice the mistakes. Other than that, I felt that this book was perfect and I can't wait for the second one! (Coming in February sadly)