I studied literature and linguistics in Germany and the United States. After graduating with a PhD, I worked as a technical writer. Drawn to a more challenging career and increased opportunities for traveling, I moved on to management at a global IT company. Now a full-time writer and free-lance editor, I strive to combine my two passions: writing and traveling.

I'm supporting a street kids project in Recife, Brazil, and visited Grupo Ruas e Pracas where I took part in a music and crafts workshop with the children. During my stay in Rio de Janeiro, the idea for my thriller Strays of Rio was born.

Coming soon: Crumple Zone, also published by MuseItUp Publishing.

And I'm co-author of the Higher Ground series. The first book, Wind Over Troubled Waters, has been released in April 2012 by Double Dragon Publishing. Next up: Knights in Dark Leather.

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Rosalie Skinner
Latest book: Adrift: In Search of Memory.
Published March 16, 2014.
Wendy Laharnar
Latest book: The Unhewn Stone.
Published March 1, 2014.

Smashwords book reviews by EdithParzefall

  • One Promise Too Many on Aug. 01, 2011

    I thoroughly enjoyed following Roger Stark's efforts to find a kidnapped child and redeem himself. Unexpected but credible twists and turns hooked me from the start. As Rick Bylina weaves his intricate plot he thwarts reader expectations without mercy and great skill. If you think you've read it all, you're wrong. Happy guessing!
  • Journey from Walara on Jan. 08, 2012

    Riveting and touching story that contrasts the horrors of war with the illusions of young men.
  • Unhewn Stone on May 12, 2012

    Wendy Laharnar sends her protagonist Stefan Gessler, a modern day Swiss youth, seven-hundred years back in time to prevent Wilhelm tell from murdering his far remote ancestor, Herman Gessler, the tyrant who asked his underlings to bow before his hat on a pole. Our time-traveling protagonist naturally struggles with lots of things in medieval everyday life, most of all though with the fact that a pacifist needs sharp wits when barbarians in chain mail swing swords at him. He knows fighting violence with violence will lead to war, but in the course of his adventure, he’s pushed closer and closer to the point where killing another human being might become his only means to survive. In this fun and suspenseful time travel novel, watch the two stubborn men collide full force and enjoy the schemes of the next generation Tells and Gesslers to prevent Tell’s revenge, which, as Stefan knows, will start a civil war raging through Switzerland.
  • Exiled: Winter's Curse on May 12, 2012

    I devoured the second book in Caleath’s Chronicles in no time. The story continues where Autumn’s Peril left off. Rosalie Skinner skillfully weaves in back story to fill in new readers and remind ‘old’ ones of what happened before while the new adventure unfolds–without a moment of boredom. Her witty sense of irony brightens the dark cold atmosphere of this wintery challenge. While Caleath gets side-tracked and burdened with followers who depend on him, the danger of giant ants destroying the world he’s been stranded in keeps growing. New characters add conflict, tension, humor and charm. I’m still fascinated with the combination of of science fiction and an archaic world of mages, dragons, and semi-divine Vergöttern.
  • Legacy of Lathraine's Pledge, The on May 12, 2012

    The Legacy of Lathraine’s Pledge is beautifully and vividly written. Rosalie Skinner comes up with amazing descriptions, unique metaphors and comparisons that make you smile or send a shiver down your back. The ebb and flow of intense, moving moments lightened by humorous encounters or witty dialogues carried me away on a wonderful journey in an intriguing world where fantasy meets science fiction. Highly recommended, but you better start from the beginning so as not to miss anything! The first book is Exiled: Autumn’s Peril.
  • Billy the Bonsai Bull on May 13, 2012

    I didn't expect to have so much fun finding myself in the head of a young bull. Seeing the world (and the farmer family) through Bill's eyes, is entertaining and enlightening. He refuses the icky smelling milk bottle, longing for his mother's rough tongue to lick his fur. When he settles for the stroke of the brush of the farmer's wife, an important first step is made. Fun not only for the young.
  • Happiness Guaranteed on May 13, 2012

    First, Wendy Laharnar charms the reader with her brilliant future world of disposable dresses, sun-flooded lofts and accident-free highways. Then she slowly sends a chill up our spines. At what cost did Bianca's happiness come? How much more will she have to sacrifice for a perfect life? Beautifully written, evocative and vivid, Happiness Guaranteed is a thought provoking story about human nature and its flaws. A wonderful read despite the goosebumps that might pop up on your skin.
  • Invaded: The Darkest Day on Oct. 24, 2012

    I couldn't wait to set my greedy eyes on the fifth book in the Chronicles of Caleath. Rosalie Skinner doesn't run out of steam. Invaded: Darkest Day offers riveting new developments and takes Caleath's exile to a higher level. Or should I say deeper? The fascinating new character of a planet's spirit comes out to play and what an asset Artura is for the novel. I certainly enjoyed to meet her, while the company of good old friends made for a suspenseful but fun journey through the book. Fun for the reader, not so much for Caleath though. Tallowbrand certainly likes torturing and taunting our hero, all for the best of course, and I sure savored every encounter of Cal and the dread lord's ghost. I love The Chronicles of Caleath. Can't wait for the next book in the series to be released.
  • Exiled: Autumn's Peril - Book One on Dec. 01, 2012

    Exiled: Autumn's Peril is the first book in Rosalie Skinners's Chronicles of Caleath, where sci-fi meets fantasy. A planet still in its middle ages becomes the setting for a vicious real life game transmitted to an entertainment-craving audience spread through the federation of advanced worlds. Former Game Master and champion Caleath fights for his life in an archaic world, while the vengeful organizer tightens the net around him, not to mention an ignorant local mage getting in his way. Caleath is a nicely ambiguous character, not your foolhardy hero but a man fighting for survival while trying to preserve his humanity. The last thing he needs is an accidental hostage, but even she can't help rooting for him. Fast-paced and vividly written, the story takes unexpected twists that keep you turning the pages. Even though you find yourself on a roller coaster, you can always trust to never get thrown off. This series is highly addictive. You'll crave the next book when you've turned the last page. Book one offers a satisfying end while it keeps you longing for more and teases with hints at what else lies in stock for our exiled reluctant hero. But don't worry, four more books have already been released.