Edward ("Ted") Pohlman, Ph.D.


About the Author
Dr. Edward ("Ted") Pohlman
Clergyman; Psychologist; Musician; Professor; Father; Husband; Counselor; Counselor Educator….these are some of the roles "Dr. Ted"brings as background for writing this book.
He was a Professor of Psychology at a California university, the University of the Pacific, for 30 years. For the last two decades of that time, he taught Human Sexuality: large courses for Freshmen and Sophomores, and small seminar courses for counselors preparing to qualify for California’s Marriage, Family and Child Counseling credential.
Religious beliefs are often very important to sexuality. Ted's parents were missionaries in India, where he was born and spent the first dozen years of his life. His first language was not English, but Urdhu, closely related to Hindi, Punjabi and Pakistani. Ted became a clergyman in Ohio after a seminary education that included studies in Bible Greek and Bible Hebrew. "Reverend Ted" conducts many Sunday services each year.
"Dr. Ted" has been a staff psychologist in a V. A. psychiatric hospital, a pastoral counselor, and a counselor educator in "his" university. Over the years he has done a great deal of counseling, including counseling on sex-related matters, with students, faculty families, and others. Ted married a young lady from Intercourse, Pennsylvania, and they have two grown children, Sharon and Douglas.
The American Psychological Association (APA) gave Ted an honor held by fewer than 10 per cent of APA members at the time. This was given "In recognition of outstanding and unusual services to the Science and Profession of Psychology."
Since retiring, for 22 years Ted has "worked" about 5 months a year on cruise ships. At various times his official job has been lecturer; ballroom dance class teacher; dance host for unaccompanied ladies; paid pianist; paid marimba player; clergyman. No matter what the official job on that particular cruise, he always volunteers to conduct Sunday worship services if needed, and to play all the piano the Cruise Director (the boss) wants, in the central atriums or anywhere else aboard.
Ted has worked on four "world cruises" of 3 or 4 months each; on the last one his official job was the ship chaplain, and he also played piano and trombone, lectured, taught ballroom dancing, and gave individual psychological counseling to guests who wished it. In 2011, the 400th anniversary year for the "King James" Bible, his cruise "work" took him to Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Estonia, France, the UK, New Caledonia and Vanuatu (the former New Hebrides). Hey, adding a later post script: late 2011 found him visiting Canada; Venice; Trieste; Gibraltar; Madeira, Bermuda and the Bahamas.
Ted has a Masters degree in Theology. And he has a Masters and Ph. D. in Psychology from Ohio State University in Columbus. He has published twenty other books (two with Westminster Press, the official publisher for the Presbyterian Church in the U. S.). For two years he was a consultant in residence on population matters to the Government of India; and he played that same role for two summers in Geneva for the World Health Organization, WHO. He has established his own publishing company, Planet Ethics Press. E-mail him at Teddyman999@aol.com


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