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Author W. Edward Woodward III has taken a fairly meandering path to creativity. Along the way has tried on many shoes. Retail worker, truck driver, service technician, oil painter, illustrator, commercial artist. Finally, putting on the writing shoes seemed to fit best. Still employed as a service technician, Jesse James and the Dragon's Egg was written mostly on lunch breaks, in shopping malls, and really anywhere an when he could squeeze in a pen.
Born and raised on a farm in Havana Fl, Edward has always had a creative bent, as his meandering path shows and his first exposure to Dr. Who and anime sealed his love of of genre work. A love of comic books and the fantastic artistic stylings of such greats as George Perez and Art Adams lead him to believe that he was destined to be a comic book artist. He had a reasonable eye and a knack for picking up skills that allowed him to believe that for many years. His love of anime would soon lead him away from comics and into the idea that his true destiny lay in animation. Alas, it was not to be. He simply lacked the passion for the pencil that was necessary to pursue such a career. This was a heartbreaking realization for him. Some years went by as Edward wandered through life, trying to find his place. He was heartbroken but there remained a fire in his belly, an ember, a need to create that would just not be squelched. He had many ideas from his years of wanting to work in comics, ideas that refused to die, so one day, in an act of near desperation he put one to paper. Jesse James and his pet dragon were born.
As far as getting the book to the public Edward has taken a very "New Media" approach. Taking a page from the playbooks of many of the podcasters he knows and looks up to (among them Tee Morris and Scott Sigler, two of the most successful "podcast" authors around) Edward has decided to offer his book for free- as an e-book- to anyone that wants it. A quick trip to http://jessejamesandthedragonsegg.blogspot.com/ will get you his novel, serialized by chapter, all you have to do is sit down and read. Or, if you want a more traditional, non-blog format reading experience, you can visit Smashwords and download an e-book copy for free. All Edward asks of his readers, in return for the free read, is that they tell their friends, family, Facebook, Twitter and generally the world how much they liked it. And, he asks, if you like it enough, and you can afford it, buy a copy. Want an audio copy? Give him time. Edward is working right now on a podcast version of his novel which will be also available free of charge from Podiobooks.com.
Edward still lives very near Havana, in Tallahassee, with his family and a small circle of friends. There he is currently working on the second installment in the Jesse James saga; Jesse James and the Ghost in the Bell Jar.

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