Edward Cook


For many years, I was a very productive, hard working businessman. I did physical outdoor work and loved it. I was also a very active athlete who enjoyed being young, physically and spiritually. It all came crashing down when I developed osteoarthritis at the age of 46.
I tried many things to find relief and rejuvenate my body. I was frustrated and depressed. Doctors told me that my arthritis could be managed, but that it wouldn't get any better. Well IT DID GET BETTER, because I did something about it. I experimented and found methods that have improved my life considerably. I write to share my methods with others so that they can improve their lives as well.
I have found a second career as an advocate, and educator. Hopefully I can turn my arthritis into a positive for others, and contribute to the improvement of healthcare and society.

Smashwords Interview

Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
I wrote short stories on papers that I used to staple together and sneak them into the shelves of Bucknell University's library. My family lived in Lewisburg Pennsylvania before we moved when I was going into 3rd grade. As kids of that era, we had the run of the Bucknell campus. The earliest content that I remember was a short story I wrote in the 7th grade. I titled it Robbie's Song , it was loosely based on the movie Brian's Song. It was about an older high school football player my sister was dating. I remember one of his teammates was mad because he wasn't in it.
What is your writing process?
At this point in my life, I have habits of reading in the morning with my breakfast and coffee. Then I address any work or tasks the need to be done. Towards the afternoon, I like to exercise and clear my mind. I like to find a unique spot such as a dam, or riverbank and write down my thoughts on paper. I find myself writing and re-writing, and changing things so that they fit better. Sometime I have reference material with me. Once I get enough material together, I write it all out in a note book exactly as I want it to appear in print. I have to be in a certain creative mood to do this well. When I'm ready, I key board this on to a computer file.
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