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I write historical novels for adults and young adults from the brave little state of Vermont. Love hearing from readers.

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Smashwords book reviews by Eileen Charbonneau

  • Wednesday's Child on Jan. 28, 2018

    The latest in this Regency set series based on the children’s poem might have been the most challenging, for Wednesday’s Child is “full of woe.” But in the deft hand of Rosemary Morris, all’s well. Amelia Carstairs is in mourning for her grandmother , taken quickly and with an unfinished message on her lips. We soon find that Amelia’s upbringing has been shrouded in mystery and a cosseted propriety. Never fear. Her new guardian is Lord Saunton: home from the wars, handsome , and surrounded by a gaggle of unconventional female relatives, full of life and laughter…just what a Wednesday’s Child needs! The fact that the family lives in genteel poverty, thanks to a late, gambling addicted father means Amelia’s fortune, even if made in the dreaded Trade, will come in handy too. Full of sumptuous details that Regency devotees love, from Christmas customs to dress to food, this sweet romance is sure to please!
  • Wild Horse Rescue on Dec. 03, 2018

    Laurel’s busy summer on her parents’ ranch in Alberta, Canada, is about to get exciting and dangerous. She competes in rodeos with her best friend Carly and loves watching a roaming herd of “wildies” led by the great stallion Coal. Best of all, this summer her boyfriend from Cornwall is visiting. The affable Coll makes friends easily and takes to ranching, but only has romantic eyes for Laurel, and feelings are mutual. Neighbor Chance is jealous. And he is planniing to help cull and round up of wild horses. Laurel is their champion, along with a First Nations family. But the law is not on their side and the magnificient Coal and his pack of mares are in danger of being captured and sent to the slaughterhouse. Tensions escalate as both sides take action in an exciting conclusion. Besides wildlife conservation, issues of physical and alchohol abuse. sexual awakening and family love and lyalty are brought to vivid life. A fine novel teens are sure to enjoy.