Ellis Hoff


Ellis Hoff lives in Medina, west of Minneapolis.

Just over a decade ago, while trying to balance kids and a corporate job, it became evident that something had to give. That something was the job. And, although being a full-time mom wasn’t exactly a walk in the park, it offered enough flexibility for her to pursue her dream of writing. She wrote before everyone was up, and after they went down for the count. She wrote at the beach, at ball games and in the pick-up lane at school. She carted her kids to libraries and bookstores to pick the brains of published writers, and squeezed in some night classes.

In 1999, Sand Pirates was published in paperback and hardcover. Her second novel, Sweet Music, premiered the same year in e-book format. In 2007, Bingo Boogie was published in trade paperback. All three, romantic suspense titles, drew favorable reviews and dubbed Hoff “a fresh, unique voice with a grasp for fast paced storytelling and quirky, life-like characterizations”.

Hoff also writes for a local paper, covering politics, news and human-interest features. She has a passion for books in all formats (her Ipod is her constant companion) and enjoys volunteering, biking and live music. True Crime and Real Housewives are her dirty pleasures.

With her kids now grown, Hoff’s undergone a transformation of her own, turning up the suspense aspect of her storytelling and diving into the thriller genre full force. Sins of the Mother, her debut thriller, is the book she always knew she’d write. She liked it so much, in fact, that she’s decided to bring some of the more memorable characters back for an encore performance in Sisters of Privilege, the title she is currently slaving over.

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