David Ramirez


David M. Ramirez currently is serving as Supervisor of Correctional Education Programs for the State of California. He earned his Bachelor of Arts and Doctor of Jurisprudence degrees at Stanford University. He has had two successful careers. His current work builds on his first career as a dedicated legal professional with more than twenty years of legal experience, including more than 30 jury trials, over 100 bench trials, as well as significant appellate experience and administrative law experience [Published opinion in De La Cuesta vs. Fidelity Federal Savings and Loan Assoc, (1981) 121 Cal. App. 3d 328 (175 Cal.Rptr. 467)]. He has litigated more than 20 administrative proceedings, including professional licensee hearings, one of which lasted more than 40 court days. He is highly skilled at dealing with diverse client and witness populations. As a team member, he is willing to go the extra mile to accomplish the mission set for the team. When in a leadership role, his leadership style is to take care of the team while the team takes care of the mission.
David M. Ramirez also had an encore career in educational management. He recently retired from the California public educational system after having served as a teacher and administrator in some of the nations toughest inner city schools, including Calvin Simmons Middle School. He earned the Association of California School Administrators [ACSA] El Dorado Charter ADMINISTRATOR OF THE YEAR for 2008-2009 ACSA and the El Dorado Charter DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARD for 2008-2009.


This member has not published any books.