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Elizabeth Lynx is not a robot, that’s for sure. At least she says she’s not. She is also not a space alien. How do I know this, because she was born in Baltimore Maryland in the 1970’s when no one wanted to be in Baltimore Maryland so why would her parents say that if it weren't true. Of course she has had her suspicions growing up and is still in a continual search for evidence that backs up her space age theories.

To bide her time she writes about ‘normal’ people and their sexy romantic lives. Her husband chooses to put up with her theories and paranoid musings. Her two little boys help her see that perhaps she isn't an alien but more of a climbing rock. This theory is new, so she needs more time to develop it further.
She has a website called E. Lynx (http://elynx.weebly.com).

Smashwords Interview

What do your fans mean to you?
They help inspire me to write. Their words encourage me to work harder and take risks.
What are you working on next?
Part two of Grading him. It's fun to see how Pierce struggles with romance and Josephine works hard to not give in to his charms.
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