Emma Faragher


Born in 1992 in the UK, Emma grew up with a love of books. She always looked forwards to her school's weekly trips to the library from the age of 5. Then progressed to exploring bookshops, before finding amazon and getting a kindle.
She started writing night time stories for family friends when they were on holiday together and never stopped. Moving on to writing books aimed at adults as she became one herself. Her first full novel was started at age 16 and finished age 18. It has yet to see the light of day but ignited further a passion for writing that could not be denied.
Currently studying at Sheffield university she is the author of the "Trix SinClara" series. An urban fantasy set in the future and following a shapeshifter as she is thrust into responsibility she never imagined she'd have. The first book in the series, "The House" is currently published and available, with others coming soon.
Emma balances writing with studying and her other hobbies. Always busy she sometimes finds time to sit and read a book as well. Escaping into other worlds.

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