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Smashwords book reviews by Emma

  • Blood Warrior on Jan. 13, 2012

    Blood Warrior lived up to my expectations and them some. Alexa Montgomery is a great heroine, she's caring, loves her family and would do anything to protect those close to her and now even her people. Kayden and Jackson are still a little bit of a mystery to me. I felt that even though both men really like/love her, they are still holding back from her. Like, what was Jack doing at the Council the night he gave Alexa her mother's necklace? And why didn't she ask Nelly to search his mind to see if was telling the truth? And Kayden is always "trying" to protect her without really ever explaining anything, having Alexa come up with her own conclusions which at the moment are pissing me off, lol!! I'm really hoping Nelly comes out of the "Happy Fuzz" that everyone seems to be in at Two Rivers and realizes what's really going on instead of just sympathizing with Alexa. I'm hoping in the next book she'll be way more kick-ass with those crazy super powers she has. I'm rambling... just read the book if you haven't. It's really good and deserves a 4.5. I'll be reading the next one for sure!
  • My Enchanted Life on Feb. 27, 2012

    This was a really great book! It roped me in from the very beginning and I didn't put it down till I devoured every last bit of it. What made this book so great? The world Ms. Eno created, it was so easy to picture. I especially loved the description of Cussard, I could see all the colors in his scales and eyes and the smoke rings that he'd puff around her. Just fantastic! Emma was a good character, still a teen and coming to terms with the responsibility of being a Sentinel. She had lots of inner monologue but I never got the feeling I sometimes get with other YA characters, you know the "blah, blah, blah effect" and she stayed true to herself which is great to see in such a young heroine. I can't wait to see how some of the supporting characters turn out for the sequel, there will be one right? Anyway, Matthew is gonna have his own personal "demons" to fight and I hope it doesn't strain the relationship too much. Also, what's going to happen with Randolph? I doubt he just went back to his gate. Hmm... the possibilities. I look forward to reading the next installment, I hope it's out soon.
  • Immortal Desires (a Well of Souls novel) on March 31, 2012

    Laura Eno does not disappoint!!! This is the second book I have reviewed of hers for R2R and I have to say she is a favorite. I haven't read many historical novels, I wouldn't say I'm not a fan, I just haven't but she definitely has piqued my interest to this genre. I loved the time travel for the sake of finding your true love. I really liked how Ian was remembering new memories as Deanna and his past self were making them.Her character building was very good, I thought Deanna was very strong, she didn't have me thinking she was whiny, and I didn't once have a "blah, blah, blah" moment (you know the one, when they complain and complain till you have to skip a few pages because you're so bored with it). I really loved Ian, but really what's not to love about him? He was strong, faithful, self-sacrificing and wore a kilt.(fanning self) Robert is an enigma, one minute he's doing everthing by the book, according to the Council and the next he's doing things on his own terms. I'm interested to see where his character goes in the next installment. Immortal Desires was verra good and I would recommend this book. Well done Ms. Eno!!