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Smashwords book reviews by Endril

  • Loving Hannah on Oct. 07, 2011

    This is the perfect example of a good book. The subject is not an easy one - a mom is witnessing and fighting with her daughter's cancer. "Loving Hannah" could easily have been one of those pathetic stories, written to make tears flow as much as possible; this is not the case. You would probably shed a few tears (be them of sadness or of joy), but this story is mainly a lucid and frank account of a family in distress, trying to cope with a ruthless disease. Beside being well written, it is also told from the heart; you would end loving each and every member of this family, from father Mike to sister Caitlyn. The things that impressed me the most were Hannah's positive attitude, Caitlyn's sisterly love and trust and the overwhelming response of the community in which they live. In a world that is not always kind or carrying, sometimes good neighbours can make all the difference. In the end, I can only recommend this book. And if you are trully impressed by it, on the official site of the book you can purchase an autographed copy.