Emperor Halo


Leaf Whistle
Price: $2.00 USD. Words: 280. Language: English. Published: September 5, 2016. Categories: Fiction » Poetry » Themes & motifs, Fiction » Poetry » Epic
A message of nature, hidden within every single leaf.
Flight of the Seeds
Price: $1.50 USD. Words: 210. Language: English. Published: June 20, 2015. Categories: Fiction » Poetry » Epic
Life is like that of a voyaging seed in the wind. What we observe from the way of the seed can also be applicable to us in our everyday lives.
Life with the Tide
Price: $1.50 USD. Words: 220. Language: English. Published: June 20, 2015. Categories: Fiction » Poetry » Epic
The fisherman makes a living working in harmony with the way of the tide.
Phoenix of the Forest
Price: $3.00 USD. Words: 1,260. Language: English. Published: June 20, 2015. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Epic
The natural cycle of life is like that of a phoenix. Life is reborn following death.
Land of the Moajinns Episode I: The Awakening
Price: $5.00 USD. Words: 12,420. Language: English. Published: August 3, 2013. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Short stories
Dare to venture into this otherworldly society of a humanoid species, chronicling their encounters with humanity as they share Mother Earth...
An Arcane Prospect
Price: $9.99 USD. Words: 311,450. Language: English. Published: January 5, 2013. Categories: Fiction » Adventure » Action, Fiction » Fantasy » Epic
When the fog of the devil rolls over the skyline, the essence of dusk peers with utmost concern for its mortal enemy which floats into view bringing pure wholesome light into the lands drenched by darkness. Every murky night gives way to a new dawn in a cycle meant to be recurred. But what if all the glory of the opulent sun were to come to a sudden cessation as the fog of evil surrounds the Earth

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