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  • Light & Dark: The Awakening of the Mageknight on Aug. 28, 2012
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    In this story, Danny’s game becomes reality as does the story for the reader. His homework takes a back seat as I’m sure yours will too while you read this novel ; only your excuse might not be because you’re caught between the cross-fire of a mythical dragon and a shadow creature... Although the book starts off slow, it does pick up its pace as you follow Danny entering a world which he accidentally stumbled upon. Dragons, shadow shifters, Knights, secrets and magic, sounds good, right? Not quite. His life isn’t as simple as it once was. The characterisation throughout the novel was realistic; a credit to the author. The “bully” and people’s reactions. The relationships between friends before and after secrets were revealed. I think characterisation is key in a story like this, as the plot is set in a fantasy world, you need the characters to feel real to keep the story “believable” to an extent. I was impressed with how well and accurately the author managed to describe the life of a 13 yr old boy. Seeing as I’m a girl, I found the realism useful to help me get into the character’s shoes easier and also found it interesting in general to see how a boy thinks. I also felt that the “first crush” element was handled well which is something that can quite easily ruin a book. Not here though, in this case it was a strength. At first I felt like the novel was a little too young for me based on the character’s age and his actions but I think that is only because I had time to dwell on this at the start. Once the pace had picked up I managed to indulge myself in the story and just travel alongside Daniel throughout his Journey; cheering him on every step of the way. As a rule I’m not a fantasy fan, nor am I a fan of 3rd person but the author had the ability to create a world and characters so believable that I actually found myself enjoying something which I would normally dislike; The cause... a great story? Characters? Author? Maybe a mix of all 3? I think this book would appeal to both a male and female audience in the younger spectrum of YA readers though I’ve actually spoken to a few adults who enjoyed the novel themselves. A fun and original story for fantasy fans.