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  • Saving Grace on Dec. 11, 2012

    OK YES I am the authors husband, no tricks here, AND, this really is a great book. I have read a ton of books in my lifetime, owned a bookstore before Pamela and I even met. When I first read some of her writing I was immediately hooked by her VOICE, yes, she has an amazing unique wonderful, funny, smart, voice. She has had the good fortune of hooking up with an excellent editor who has helped her create some really GREAT stuff while keeping that Voice. Saving Grace is the first of 3 in the series. It zips along full of life, laughs, color and mystery. The Characters are not cardboard cutouts, the scenes are NOT black and white. If you give Katie (the main character)a chapter, she will have you hooked for the series. And guys, this is NOT a girls-only book. If you want a great story with characters you can attach to, a murder mystery with a fast pace, and some great laughs while you are at it, this is it.