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Latest book: Cookies and Milk Volume 3.
Published June 1, 2012. (4.00 from 1 review)

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  • Cookies and Milk Volume 1 on May 18, 2012

    The two stories in this volume should bring a smile to every parent who reads them to their children, and to every child sitting on their parents lap and listening to the tales! "I Love You Each, All, and Every Way" reminds you of the pure joy it is everyday to be a parent! All of the little things that you experience with your child are so wonderfully expressed! Time goes by so fast, and one day those little feet will be all grown up and walking out the door! This story reminds us to cherish each moment with the ones we love each, all, and every way! And the illustrations are so beautiful! They capture the imagination of the kids in all of us! "The Not So Helpful Butterflies" is an enchanting story that teaches children the important lesson of friendship, kindness, and helpfulness! It is such a sweet story, and the illustrations done by young children are so precious. Involving children in the making of this story embraces the moral of this story wonderfully! The fact that these stories are bound together in one volume for a charitable cause, helping children around the world through the charity Equipe, makes this a must have collection for anyone who has a special child in their lives!
  • Cookies and Milk Volume 2 on May 26, 2012

    Like the first volume in its series of three, and its parent book project (“A Cuppa and an Armchair”), “Cookies and Milk, Volume 2” – a lovingly put together pair of children’s tales – is a collaborative work joining authors, illustrators, and the charity Equipe in a twofold mission: To relieve the suffering and poverty-stricken around the world, and to share engaging stories with readers everywhere Andrew Robson's "Looking for Little Nandi" brings forth the hope and courage that only children seem to possess. The illustrations capture the emotions of the story as the children embark into a stormy night to find Nandi who is missing. Perfectly matched writing and illustrations make this a story to read around the campfire this summer, or at bedtime with the brave children in your life! Christine Cunningham's "Fluffy" was a delight, especially for all of us who would love to come across a magical pet in an obscure pet store! I only wish it would have gone on a little longer! Danielle Shipley's illustrations carry us through the story, making you feel like you were actually there! A cute story that will delight young dreamers everywhere!