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I am happily married and have two wonderful children. This micro universe is the universe that matters the most.

Born in Montréal, QC Canada, I've lived in 20 different places. For CEGEP, I moved to Québec City, where I spent 15 years and then returned to Montréal. In 2009, I moved to Massachusetts (our son was eight months old and we were already expecting a second child). I also spent one (1) year in Paris, France (May 2011 to May 2012) on a professional assignment.

My career has been rather particular, having worked in various functions; each without the usual prerequisites or experience. This has provides great opportunity to grow through lessons learned....I have grown quite a bit.
I started working in 1986, after graduating from CEGEP. My very first (out of school) job was with a start-up game board company. My entrepreneurial spirit was lit! For two years, in a bad economy (which was normal to me), I experimented, did various jobs (even sold door to extinguishers and insurance).

My break came in 1988. I have been working for companies in the fields of business and technology since then.

-My family and friends;
-Integrity, discipline, respect, teamwork, people;
-Enable others to succeed;
-Think and Act WithIn Context for Effective Decision Making;
-Make Comprehensive Efficient Operations.

Working in the fields of business and technology since 1988, Erick stands out by his approach, determination and professional attitude. He focuses on, recognizes and shares team success while never running from responsibility.

Some will say he is too detail oriented, others that he is too strategic. Erick thinks and manages within context of a given situation and intuitively balances the team environment.

Erick’s career has led him to occupy positions in sales, project management, sales management, as general manager in professional services, as Director of Knowledge Management, Skills/Resource Management as well as Director of People & Organization, as Vice-President of Human Resources in the Americas, and as COO of the WW Services division of a major software company.

His roles have always brought him to innovate and find new solutions to enable individuals, teams and businesses to be more effective and efficient, more productive and competitive while maintaining customer satisfaction. Erick is a problem solver, recognized team builder, facilitator, organizer and executive coach. He quickly sees the solutions to the problem, and usually anticipates the problem before it becomes one.

Erick is a regular speaker in conferences, has written numerous articles on business transformation and has published two books (Internet: Le Guides des Affaires, Les Édtions Logiques, 1996, and La famille Van Houtte, l’histoire d’un bon café, Les Éditions Logiques, 2001).

Outside of his daily career, Erick has hobbies:
-one that consists of translating the Van Houtte family book to English (click here for the blog)
-a second to provide the means for individuals, teams and businesses to
-‘Think and Act WithIn Context for Effective Decision Making.’
-‘Make Comprehensive Efficient Operations’

They are varied and very open.
-Football (American) (I need to be explicit because many of my family and friends are European)
-Favorite books: The Lord of the Rings, Sun Tzu The Art of War, fictional history, classics
-Favorite authors: Bernard Cornwell, Edward Rutherford, Colleen McCullough to name a few
-History (Before common era Rome, Crusades, and any thing of the genre)
-Smart people: I enjoy asking questions to very smart people and engage, fuel, the discussions (try it with quantum physicists, philosophers, or any deep expert - fascinating)
-Home renovations (anything)
-Salt water aquariums/coral reefs
-Management, Leadership Development, Help Management!
-Project Management, Skills Management, Resource Management, Resource Allocation

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