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  • I'm Prohibited on Jan. 07, 2012

    This very well written (true) story left me with tears in my eyes and full of anger and sadness about the unfair world we live in. After that, it made me want to change and do something about it. Thats quite an accomplishment. The way the author introduces the main character Syd, a young child, is brilliant. By just letting him speak a few simple words you immediately fall in love with and feel for this pure soul. Throughout the story, as we follow Syd growing up, Syd doesn't speak much, but when he does it cuts right through your soul. Syd is the pureness and innocence we all recognize but realize we lost somewhere along the way. Syd’s story isn't a nice or pretty one. Its dark, harsh, dirty and rotten. It exposes some of humanities darkest sides. It tells there is little place for love or innocence in this world. This is not a story of least at first sight. Despite the horrors Syd has to endure during his life, the author manages to make me smile and even laugh. He also manages to make me think about the Syd inside of me. For me, this story is about all of us. The things we do to others because we’re scared or unhappy about ourselves. Its about us not being able to handle pureness and beauty. This story tells me: If we can all find the Syd inside of us, and make peace with him, the world would be a so much better place.