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  • Closure on June 16, 2011

    I gotta admit that I'm a little biased when it comes to Lizzie's writing. I've known her for so long that it's kinda second nature not to like the stuff that she dishes out. But that's how friends usually are, right? We tend to like whatever a friend throws our way. Anyway, enough of that rambling. When Liz first gave me this book to read, it actually took me awhile before actually sitting down to read it. But in the long run, it was worth reading. Yea, she modeled the MC's features around Ben Barnes. He's good looking, why would she not? A lot of people based characters around what he looks like. As the story unfolded, I started to picture Ben's world - the book Ben, not Ben Barnes. I began to wonder why his wife really wanted to leave him. Why she'd suddenly decided, out of the blue, because that is what it felt like, that she just didn't want to deal with their way of life anymore. I started feeling Ben's heartache, his indecisions and his worries, and I wondered if he'd ever make it out of the hole that he felt he'd dug himself into. Some of the writing language that Liz uses is a bit archaic, but I got through that and really became engrossed in the tale she had to tell. A lot of us can relate to the pain and heartache that comes with losing someone you love. Most especially when they walk out on you and leave you with a bunch of questions as you wonder where you went wrong. Liz captured that essence and weaved a tale that I think many of us will enjoy reading and relate to it. I hope that there's more to this story, as I'm very anxious to know what happens next with Ben. I'm sure others would be, too.