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  • Kingdom of Light on Dec. 29, 2012
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    B. James Wilson has written about a continuing war between light and the darkness from which all creation was born, including principalities in the heavenly realms. A war in which one third of the angels rebel against God because they want more of the knowledge He retains, knowledge of both good and evil, and they desire the ability to pro-create their own kind. The author imagines a world where demon angels mate with women on Earth and produce deformed and demented giants. In fact, the Bible gives reference to them as the Nephilim of (Genesis 6:4). As the story unfolds, Michael Brennan is a fire fighter who impulsively runs into a towering inferno to save a young boy’s life. As a result and against impossible odds, his best friend and crew of firefighters refuse to give up trying to rescue Michael when the building collapses around him. As the rescue effort continues through a terrorist attack, Michael finds himself at death’s door, lost in a spiritual dimension with an evil angel named Azazel, who mentored Cain’s great-great grandson, Tubal-Cain, and gave him knowledge that was forbidden by God. According to the story the forces of darkness and evil on the earth are not caused by cosmic destiny or man’s inhumanity to man, but by rebellious, demon angels. I found Kingdom of Light to be literally frightening and its telling so very real. I highly recommend reading it. Estelle P. Shrum, FIVE STARS