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Evan Weiner is an award winning journalist who is among a very small number of people who cover the politics and business of sports and how that relationship affects not only sports fans but the non-sports fan as well. Weiner began his journalism career while in high school at the age of 15 in 1971. He won two Associated Press Awards for radio news coverage in 1978 and 1979. He was presented with the United States Sports Academy's first ever Distinguished Service Award for Journalism in 2003 in Mobile, Alabama. Advisor to the SUNY Cortland Sports Business Management Program. The United States Sports Academy's 2010 Ronald Reagan Media Award.

He is the author of 11 books ,From Peach Baskets to Dance Halls and the Not-So-Stern NBA, America's Passion: How a Coal Miner's Game Became the NFL in the 20th Century, The Business and Politics of Sports -- 2005, The Business and Politics of Sports, Second Edition -- 2010 and 2014 Edition: The Business & Politics of Sports. The Stern Years: 1984-2014. The Politics Of Sports Business 2017, I Am Not Paul Bunyan And Other Tall Tales, The Politics of Sports Business 2018: Politicians, Business Leaders, Decision Makers, And Policy, The Politics Of Sports Business 2019, COVID-19 Edition: The Politics Of Sports Business 2020.

He has been quoted in 25 other books and his words were read into the United States House of Representatives Congressional record: July 14, 2004 - Subcommittee on Telecommunications and the Internet of the Committee on Energy and Commerce, House of Representatives, One Hundred Eighth Congress, second session.

He was been a columnist with the New York Sun and provided Westwood One Radio with daily commentaries between 1999 and 2006 called "The Business of Sports." He has also appeared on numerous television and radio shows both in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. He has been on msnbc, CN8 and ABCNewsNow.

He has written for The Daily Beast about the politics of the sports and entertainment business and has a daily video podcast called, The Politics of Sports Business.

Evan speaks on the business of politics of sports in colleges and universities as well as on cruise ships around the world.

In 2015, Evan was featured in the movie documentary "Sons of Ben", the story of how a group of fans got a Major League Soccer team in the Philadelphia, PA market.

Evan can be reached at evanjweiner@gmail.com, https://www.facebook.com/evanj.weiner and @evanjweiner on twitter.

Smashwords Interview

What's the story behind your latest book?
I have been a working journalist since I am 15, starting in 1971, all of my e-books are from experiences working and being around kingmakers and powerbrokers in sports and in politics and in business. It is pretty easy for me, I am not really a writer in the strictest sense. I am a communicator, whether it is TV, radio or public speaking and my books reflect that. Nothing all that deep just conversations that are repeated from football players, basketball players and people like Rudy Giuliani.
What motivated you to become an indie author?
I had too many problems with traditional publishers. I found that to be quite frustrating and I do things immediately and 18 month delays are something I don't like. I also know more about my subject than editors.
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MidPoint | Mike Petraglia and Evan Weiner
May 12, 2015 Sports journalist Evan Weiner joins MidPoint to discuss DeflateGate, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots punishment.

Major League Baseball; Boorish Behavior
Major League Baseball has an Alex Rodriguez problem. Alex Rodriguez is having a fairly productive start to the 2015 season and is one home run behind Willie Mays' 660 home runs and when he hits that round tripper, Alex Rodriguez is entitled to a bonus from the New York Yankees. The Yankees franchise ownership doesn't particularly like "the cheater Rodriguez" and would prefer to skip the payment. The petulant and boorish behavior of the New York Yankees is not going unnoticed.

Football business
commentary on Carson and Inglewood and NFL

Why the Brady suspension is Good for the NFL
The National Football League continues to suffer a miserable off season. The NFL was hit with another lawsuit by former players charging the league with pushing painkillers on them.

Sports Fans are shut out of attending games
If you go to a sports bar, you will see many people rooting for there teams in a place they would never have attended years ago. You see those sports bar patrons would have been at a stadium or an arena watching a major league game. But going to a game costs a lot of money and families have to pay a fortune of money for a day at a game. Owners want customers who spend money willingly not fans who scrimp and save.

Putin Thinks America Is Meddling in Soccer
Poor Vladimir, he probably is hoping someone will yell GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLL! after he score eight in a World Cup game for Russia in 2018

Is the Quebec Separatist Issue Stopping a Quebec City NHL team?
is an old issue becoming an NHL issue?

FIFA Is on the Run
how the mighty has fallen in a week

Belmont Won't Revive Horse Racing
For a day, all of horse racing's troubles will be forgotten from failing tracks to allegations of animal abuse

Fiscal Conservative Scott Walker to Spend Hundreds of Millions of Public Money for a Sports Arena
Scott Walker is no fiscal conservative

Student Athletes Lose Compensation Suit
Judge to student athletes talk to the NCAA over pay

Fan Protection at the Baseball Stadiums is an Issue
Baseball, you better protect the people who actually spend the money you want.

Arizona Politicians Big Losers in Sports Spending
A letter: Dear Arizona politicians your stupidity never ceases to amaze me

Sacramento Arena Won't be an Economic Stimulus
Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson has sold his city a bill of goods

Scott Walker's Sports Problem
Scott Walker wants a publicly funded sports arena in Milwaukee while slashing money for essential services

Oakland's Sports Facilities Problem
The East Bay and sports, not looking good June 22, 2015

College Sports Long Time South Carolina Flag Issue Boycott
did you know there is a college sports boycott in South Carolina?

Is Fantasy Sports Really Gambling?
so when its suits the ranchers, the owners, gambling on American sports leagues is a good thing

NHL Probably Will Add More Teams Soon
why Seattle is the best market and won't get an expansion team

Does Atlanta need yet another new sports venue?
Atlanta Hawks Ownership Wants a New Building

Is USA Football Dismissing Scientific Data on Concussions?
USA Football chides protective parents and seems to have fallen into that I am not a scientist category and science hasn't settled that issue yet mentality.

And So the Saga of the Arizona Coyotes Continues
If the New York Post says it's so, there it is, the Arizona Coyotes franchise goes to Las Vegas

Golf has a Trump Problem
now you really did you think I forgot about our Presidential candidate?

Falling Canada Dollar Will Create Problems in the NHL
O Canada, money woes will hurt the NHL

Rob Manfred's Serene First Year as MLB Commissioner
All seems well in Major League Baseball right now.

Does Tokyo Have The Yen For The Olympics
Is hosting the Olympics worth it?

Coyotes Stay in Glendale. Politics as Usual?
the unusual wrinkle in the Glendale-Coyote lease

Can ESPN remain competitive going forward?
ESPN's future

San Diego Not Brady NFL Story
Why is San Diego on its hands and knees before the NFL?

Beijing Gets Another Olympics
Beijing wins the unwanted prize, the 2022 Winter Olympics

Goodbye Nassau Coliseum
another public policy failure, the Nassau Coliseum

West Ham Not Paying Rent for Olympic Stadium?
the American virus of taxpayers paying for sports facilities spreads to England

What Megyn Kelly and FOX Should Have Asked
the Kelly debate show failure, an omitted question

San Diego Could Lose the Chargers
The business of the NFL is business.

LA Wants 2024 Summer Olympics
LA wants to join 2024 Summer Olympics bidding

Milwaukee Bucks Open 2015-16 With Huge Win
Walker's signature gives Milwaukee Bucks huge victory

David Denson makes baseball history
David Denson makes baseball history

Players Fault Brady Case in Court
the players stupidity allows Goodell to act the way he does, the NFLPA is a terrible advocate for former and present players

Another former NFL Player Attempted Suicide
another casualty of football

Will the Stock Market Implosion Hurt NHL Expansion Plans?
Has the NHL expansion process been hurt by global markets slumping?

Pac 12 Taking the College Game to China
American College basketball will be played in Shanghai

Will USC Students Help Pay for a 2024 LA Olympics?
will college kids subsidize the LA Olympics?

NFL Shield Not Dented Economically
Despite continuing problems surrounding the business of the NFL, the league isn't losing any money at all and in fact may be more valuable than ever. evanjweiner@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/evanj.weiner https://twitter.com/evanjweiner

Politics of Sports Business April 1, 2016
the tragedy of Qatar

Does Baseball Still Reflect America?
Does Baseball still reflect America? In some ways yes, in some ways no. The American sports landscape has changed and baseball is no longer the dominant sport in the country. On the Fourth of July, it might be a good time to just look at Baseball in the American culture and how it still holds a high place in America's landscape, especially for big business in Congress.

Durant, Bennett and Business
Kevin Durant's image has taken a hit. How could he leave a good Oklahoma City team and sign with a loaded team in Oakland, the Golden State Warriors. But once the fan emotion is taken out of Durant's decision, it is quite clear that Durant did what was best for him, not the fans, just like his former Oklahoma City owner did in 2008.

Evan Weiner talking about his life as a journalist
evan and business

American Athletes Will Be Involved in Zika Study
American Olympians as guinea pigs in Rio

Jerry Jones Is Swimming in Money
It must be good to own a National Football League team. No matter what product you put on the field, you tend to make money from annual TV and stadium revenue and the franchise's value increases annually. If you look at Forbes list of the top 50 sports franchises in the world, 27 of them are in the NFL.

Sports And Sale Out Of Whack
Before Howard Cosell retired, he made it quite clear that he thought sports was out of whack. Cosell made that statement about a quarter of a century ago. But the sports lawyer, entertainer and journalist was just commenting on his times. If Howard was here today, he would have made the same comment with Chris Sale, a minor baseball player lawsuit and the events taking place in Brazil and the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics.

Russian Ban Much Ado About Nothing
William Shakespeare or someone who knew him once wrote a play called "Much Ado About Nothing" which was a comedy believed to have been written in either 1598 or 1599. It was a comedy. You can apply the Much Ado About Nothing tag to the saga of the Russia doping scheme. Intially it was thought the Russians would be thrown out of the 2016 Rio Olympics because of the doping scheme. Turns out a handful of Russians won't be going to Rio.

Presidential Debates Have Many Sports Conflicts
Donald Trump, who as owner of the United States Football League's New Jersey Generals pushed for the football grouping to play games in the fall months, has seemingly forgotten just how many days of the week football is on TV. Trump doesn't like the fact that two of the scheduled Presidential Debates are going up against NFL Games. But if Trump and his possible surrogate Newt Gingrich took a closer look at the calendar, they might discover there is more than just NFL brand football on TV.

"I Feel Rather Sorry For Rio"
Ready or not, the Winter of Discontent in Brazil begins with the start of the Northern Hemisphere named Rio Summer Olympics later this week. Is Rio ready? No. But the Games Must Go On!

Sports and Drugs, Illegal Vs. Cheating
Alex Rodriguez has played his last game with the New York Yankees, Russia has been tossed out of the Paralympics in Rio which start in a few weeks. Baseball players in the major and minor leagues have been suspended for drugs. But why is taking illegal substances not a real world crime just a sports world crime. Do sports operators trump local law?

IOC's Big Event Coming Soon, Getting 2024 Host City
Next stop LA? Paris?

NFL Ratings Test Again On Sunday
NFL ratings have suddenly become a major topic of conversation. Where did about 12 percent of the 2015 TV audience go? The NFL and others need to know. TV and the league have been involved in a marriage since television started getting into America homes in 1946.

NHL Looks At China As Part Of A Global Economic Expansion
Connor McDavid may do more in China in the future than just represent a company selling it’s products in the country. He may be playing games in Beijing or Shanghai soon.

Russian Doping And The Presidential Election
The Russians allegedly came up with a systematic athletic doping scheme which was exposed in American media after the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. U. S. Intelligence officials think Russia retaliated and interfered in the 2016 U. S. Presidential Election partially because of America exposing the doping scheme.

Raiders Las Vegas Proposal Before NFL Committees
Raiders ownership will explain in great detail why a Nevada stadium proposal is much better than what has been offered in Oakland.

College Football Getting A Competitor?
Christian McCaffery’s father Ed is one of the backers of a proposed football league that would offer college football players a pro option.

Spanos’s Chargers Move To Carson Began In 2000
Dean Spanos’ Chargers will call Carson, California home in 2017 and 2019 before moving to Inglewood in 2019.

Greed and Padres Ballpark Envy Ended The San Diego Chargers
When the city of San Diego gave Padres owner nearly $300 million to help pay for a new baseball stadium, it marked the beginning of the end of the San Diego Chargers.

Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday And The Super Bowl
The NFL played a big role in getting Arizona to recognized the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday by using the Super Bowl as leverage.

NBA Eyes Mexico City But Will The Plan By Trumped?
NBA Commissioner Adam Silver seems to want to know more about Mexico City as an NBA market but a change in the White House could interfere with plans.

Lame Duck Raiders Won’t Fly In Oakland
It appears Mark Davis will keep the Raiders in Oakland in 2017 and 2018 and that might be a financial disaster for the franchise.

Ducks Players Hospitalization Should Raise Questions In Oregon
Three hospitalized players from off season workouts should raise some eyebrows in the ivy tower at the University of Oregon and at the Oregon legislature.

Bisciotti Is Wrong, Commercials Are Not Chasing Viewers From Watching The NFL On TV
Baltimore Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti thinks too many commercials during games are driving people away from watching NFL games on TV. Perhaps Ray Rice and others are more responsible for viewership decline.

US Presidents Matter For Sports Organizations
Donald Trump has two sports decisions facing him as he takes office

Journalists And Ethics Lose In Baseball Hall Of Fame Vote
Baseball journalism and ethics -

Owner’s Real Championship Winnings? Public Subsidies
NFL playoff team owners subsidies enjoy the games!

Super Bowl As A Political Force
The Super Bowl has changed Radio and TV rules and forced Arizona to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Raiders, Warriors Departures Won’t Erase Stadium/Arena Debt
The Golden State Warriors basketball team could be playing on the San Francisco side of the logo at the end of the Bay Bridge but Oakland will be still paying the debt on the arena Warriors ownership plans to vacate in 2019.

Study Claims LA Will Rake In Big Olympics Bucks In 2024
A study claims Los Angeles will be a big economic winner should the International Olympic Committee chose the California city to host the 2024 Summer Olympics.

NFL Owners Remorse About Chargers Move? Unlikely
NFL owners pushed for a second team in Los Angeles giving San Diego Chargers owner Dean Spanos the push to move to the market.

Super Bowl Is Like The Ed Sullivan Show: Something For Everyone
Roger Goodell is like Ed Sullivan between 1948 and 1971 in that he really hosts a show, the Super Bowl, that has a little of everything for a large audience.

“Braves Know How To Win Stadium Game”
The Atlanta Braves baseball club finished last in the National League East in 2016 but team ownership is in first place in getting public subsidies for stadiums.

The NHL And China
The National Hockey League’s All Star Weekend continues today but establishing a footprint in China seems to be more important to the league.

Super Bowl Spending, Is It Worth It For A City?
Sunday’s Super Bowl will be played in Houston but Houston had to pay for that privilege.

Don’t Mess With Sheldon Adelson
Sheldon Adelson’s exit from the Raiders-Las Vegas deal complicates Mark Davis’s decision to move his Raiders from Oakland to Nevada.

Major League Soccer Wants More Teams
Get your soccer team now!

Janet Jackson’s Costume Malfunction Lingers
Janet Jackson changed the game

$uper $unday
It is not cheap for a city to land a Super Bowl.

The Wooing Of The New York Islanders
It seems, if your read all the opinions and a fact here or there, the New York Islanders franchise is moving somewhere.

“Phoenix Sports Costs Keep Rising”
Coyotes ownership and the NHL are still looking for a suitable home in the Phoenix area.

The NFL Has Plateaued
The Super Bowl TV ratings were spectacular but the numbers have dropped slightly over the past two years.

Bathroom Bill Could Cost North Carolina More Sports Events
politicians know best but some are also cowards who will not face tough questions from citizens and hide behind flaks or fellow politicians. Its been that way for a long time not just in 2017

Did Trump Help Or Hurt LA’s Olympic Bid?
Will LA beg for support internationally?

Tagliabue Should Be In The Hall Of Fame
a Saturday filler

ESPN Is No Longer A Cash Cow
The Walt Disney Company’s ESPN division is no longer printing cash for the company.

Hartford Has Bigger Needs Than An NHL Team
A problem with a Double A baseball park running out of money suspending construction, state broke, city teetering on bankruptcy, all good right? Oh the Hartford Goat Yards allegedly will play its Double A Eastern League schedule in Hartford in 2017, only a year late.

Brazil’s Olympics Mistake
An Associated Press story last week painted a gloomy post-Olympics picture for Rio and Brazil after last summer’s Games.

The NBA’s Color Barrier 1946-1950
Four years after the NFL, three after Jackie Robinson

NHL Seems Uninterested In South Korea Olympics
Gary Bettman is not sure NHL owners want to bother with the 2018 South Korea Winter Olympics.

Knicks Owner James Dolan Has Issues
James Dolan is battling with a former Knicks player Charles Oakley and criticizing Oakley in almost the same manner as he did two years ago with a 73-year old Knicks fan.

It Is Really The ABA All-Star Weekend
The American Basketball Association decided a slam dunk contest that involved Julius Erving and David Thompson at the 1976 Denver All-Star Game would sell tickets. Nuggets management created the modern All-Star Game event.

The Oval Office Forced A Football Team To Integrate
The Kennedy Administration refused to give the NFL's Washington franchise owner George Preston Marshall a lease at D. C. Stadium unless he hired Negro players.

Does The U. S. Need A Secretary Of Sports?
President George W. Bush faced numerous sports issues from steroids usage in sports to providing security to the 2002 Salt Lake City and 2004 Athens Olympics to an Olympic bid in 2005.

Major League Baseball May Back Sports Gambling?
Major League Baseball Commissioner Rod Manfred acknowledges people bet on baseball.

Abbott To NFL: Don't Mess With Texas
Abbott To NFL: Don't Mess With Texas

Play Ball! In Arizona And Florida
Bryce Harper and his Washington Nationals teammates have a new spring training home in West Palm Beach.

Has Budapest’s Olympics Ship Sailed? Yes
Budapest residents joined those in Boston, Hamburg, Germany and Rome, Italy in saying no to the 2024 Summer Olympics.

Manfred Backs D'backs In Maricopa County Fight
Arizona Diamondbacks ownership would like to get out of the lease with Maricopa County at the team's home stadium.

NBA TV Ratings Down
Fewer people are watching LeBron James and the NBA this year.

Was Jackie Robinson's Debut Delayed?
Jackie Robinson made his Brooklyn Dodgers debut on April 15, 1947 but that debut may have been delayed.

Be Careful What You Ask At The Scouting Combine
we scrutinize athletes more than politicians

March Is Women's History Month, Is Title IX Safe?
Your Move Betsy DeVos

Wilt's NBA When He Scored 100 In A Game
The NBA of 2017 has very little in common with the NBA of March 2, 1962 when Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points in a game.

Baseball Needs To Fix Oakland and Tampa Bay Before Expanding
forget expansion until...

It Is World Baseball Classic Time
The World Baseball Classic is back whether fans care or not.

It Is Pure Madness
The entertainment show starts in Dayton and everyone makes money but the players.

Thursday Night Football Hurt CBS’s Bottom Line
too bad Les Moonves

CBS, Turner Need New Technologies To Pay For NCAA Rights
Turner Sports may be scrambling to pay for the NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament in the future if people continue to walk away from cable and satellite TV

Durban Latest City To Say No To A Major Sports Event
South Africa hosted soccer’s World Cup in 2010 but will not host the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

Dwight Clark And ALS
Dwight Clark probably most the most important catch in the history of San Francisco 49ers football but how much does it matter now that Clark has ALS?

The Las Vegas Raiders Tax
Despite pleas from Oakland fans, Mark Davis wants to relocate his business to Las Vegas.

Women Hockey Players Are Locked Out
The United States Women’s Team May Not Play In The World’s Championship.

Islanders-Brooklyn Arena Marriage Salvageable?
Islanders ownership and Brooklyn Arena officials are reportedly talking about a new and temporary lease according to SportsNet’s Nick Kyperos.

TV Commercials Are Not Hurting The NFL
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is looking for ways to speed up the game.

NHL No To South Korea, Yes To Sweden And China
NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman has said about the NHL participating in the 2018 South Korea Winter Olympics. “Assume we’re not going.”

NFL Owners And Their Righteous Anti-Gambling Hypocrisy
when gambling suits owners, its great

The Oakland And Raiders Divorce Is Coming
It appears That Mark Davis will get the green light from NFL owners to relocate his business from Oakland to Las Vegas very soon.

Ryan Braun Owes The Paying Audience Some Effort
People spending money to watch spring training baseball deserve some hustle and effort from all players including Ryan Braun.

Municipal Sports Spending Is Out Of Whack
A quarter of a century ago, Howard Cosell noted that “sports was out of whack.” Nevada is putting up $750 million in subsidies for a football stadium, the largest sports hand out in American history. Sports has gone beyond being out of whack.

Goodell And NFL Against Sports Gambling

IIHF Women’s World Championships Start Tonight
Women's History Month Ends With USA Women's Team members getting a new deal.

Baseball Is No Longer King
it's past-it's prime time

Olympics Bidding Toxic?

College Players Get No Money From The Game
The NCAA Men’s College Basketball Championship Game is a signature event, so why aren’t the players being paid?

Greed And The NFL Go Hand And Hand
all others pay cash

The NHL’s Not Going To South Korea
the money isn't there for owners

Calgary Douses Flames Proposal
to threaten to move or not to threaten

NFL And Amazon Look Into The Video Delivery Future
prime time TV

Qatar’s World Cup Problems Worsen
A mistake of a large magnitude

Olympics Bidding And Facebook Likes
silly season

Raiders Owners Pay Your Parking Tab
simply absurd

St. Louis: No To Soccer Stadium, Not Soccer
MLS Commissioner Don Garber and his owners are committed to expanding the number of cities in the league. St. Louis more than likely will not be one of them.

The NCAA Reluctantly Okays North Carolina’s HB142 Law
The NCAA will accept bids from North Carolina cities for various tournaments despite not really liking the HB142 anti-discrimination law.

Is Coleen Howe Hockey Hall Of Fame Worthy?
Gordie Howe got to play with his sons in the NHL in 1980 in Hartford thanks to his wife Coleen who changed hockey’s age entry rules.

Wall Won’t Stop World Cup Bid
no borders problem here

Baseball Celebrates Jackie Robinson Day
the USA in 1947

Red Sox Ownership Wants New Pawtucket Stadium
Boston Red Sox ownership wants a replica of Fenway Park built for the team’s Triple A affiliate in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

2022 Ryder Cup Staying In Rome
The US and Europe’s top players will be in Rome for the 2022 Ryder Cup after Italy’s government approved a financial handout for the event

Heavy Hitters In NHL Arena Building In NY, Seattle
sports incest: owners v. owners in Brooklyn and Seattle

Reefer Madness: Leagues And Players Have To Adjust To Pot Decriminalizing
Marijuana usage is legal in Washington State but players on the Seattle Seahawks could be suspended for using pot while Seattle Mariners players could be fine.

North Carolina State Rep Tries To Bully The ACC
Representative Chris Mills has filed legislation designed to show the ACC who really is boss.

Lobbyist Bettman Busy Looking For Arenas
he is a lobbyist y'know

The United Airlines Naming Rights Image Rehab?
A vanity buy to erase bad PR?

The Preakness May Need A New Home
hey Maryland, we need another sports handout

The Las Vegas Raiders Incredible Deal
Awww the sweet smell of subsidies

Oops LA Bid Committee Forgot Subway Cost
Someone goofed and omitted infrastructure costs as part of the LA Olympics bid.

Nashville Headed To Stanley Cup Finals And Paying For Building Improvements
It is going to cost hundreds of millions of dollars to keep Nashville in the big leagues.

NFL Glad Tampa Showed Them The Money
all you need is cash

NBA Decides New Discrimination Law Not As Bad As Old One
money trumps principle

Nothing Really Special About Memorial Day Sports Offerings, Just Another Day
Memorial Day used to feature baseball double headers and the Indianapolis 500.

Sailing's America's Cup Is Taking Place In Bermuda Waters Because Of Money
money talks

LA Olympic Committee Has To Mend Fences With European and NATO Members
a tough sell

Bettman To IOC: No NHL Players In South Korea
No Olympics, quelle dommage

Toronto Appears To Say No To The Commonwealth Games
just say no to public spending

The New York London Yankees? Maybe For Two Games In 2019
The Yankees in London? There are reports in London that the Yankees will come to town in 2019.

Patriots Fan Confused By NFL Appearing On Too Many TV Networks
Patriots fan confused by NFL appearing on too many TV networks despite the fact she owns CBS one of the four TV partners

Brain Injuries Are The Bane Of Football
brain damage

Adam Silver Still Wants 19-Year-Olds Out Of The NBA
but 19 year olds can fight in wars, right?

Climate And Geo Political Policies Are Hurdles For LA Olympic Bid
Donald Trump's policies are not going to make Olympic delegates very happy and that a big problem for LA

Someone Forgot About Transportation Costs
wait someone forgot people have to get to the place somehow?

Politics Hovers Over 2022 World Cup
Middle East political alliances are shifting

Islanders Arena Overshadows Belmont
state wants something

Olympic Sized Problems: Finding Hosts
Los Angeles and Paris are the only cities that want the Olympics.

Flames Mixed Messages on Moving
Flames ownership has knocked down talk of moving out of Calgary twice in two months.

Throwback Saturday At Belmont
It might as well be throwback Saturday

It Is Getting Harder To Find Public Money For Mega Sports Events
Usain Bolt ran in the Commonwealth Games

Suns Owner "Unlikely" To Team With Coyotes For New Arena
one percenter puts himself ahead over a municipality's needs


The Politics of Sports Business 2021
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 115,520. Language: English. Published: December 30, 2021. Categories: Essay » Political, Essay » Business
2021: That was the year that was, it’s over and time to let it go. COVID-19 interfered with sports and Omicron forced sports delays and cancellations. Major League Baseball owners locked out its players over money issues. The Olympics continued to be a political exercise. But money still flows into sports and cities are fighting to keep teams by investing money into stadiums and arenas.
COVID-19 Edition: The Politics Of Sports Business 2020
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 117,410. Language: English. Published: December 31, 2020. Categories: Essay » Political, Essay » Business
The 2020 sports calendar was unlike any other calendar in the past century. The COVID-19 pandemic shut down not only athletic competitions but postponed an array of decisions that needed to be made by sports owners and politicians.
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The “Politics of Sports Business 2019", There are 365 commentaries and all of them are derived from one central thought. How sports operates with three absolute needs to be successful. Government backing. Money from television. Corporate support. It really does not matter if a sport is headquartered in the United States or in Switzerland. The 365 essays reflect that thinking.
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Sports is a big business. It features international products and depends on the public to operate. In the United States, sports owners and organizers need three things. Government, TV money and corporate support.
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Hockey players have stories. All you have to do is ask a question about something that happened and step back and allow them to talk. The stories seem to be neither exaggerated tall tales except the stories are neither exaggerated nor tall tales. The stories you are about to read are true and the names have not been changed to protect either the innocent or guilty.
The Politics Of Sports Business 2017
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The long time commissioner of the National Basketball Association David Stern, who ran the NBA between 1984 and 2014, once noted that there are three basic needs for a team owner and a league to be successful. Government support. A large local TV contract. Corporate support. The large TV contract in the United States was a product of the 1984 Cable TV Act and the corporate support comes from gover
The Stern Years: 1984-2014
Series: Sports: The Business and Politics of Sports, Book 6. Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 116,900. Language: English. Published: August 23, 2015. Categories: Nonfiction » Sports & outdoor recreation » Sports business, Nonfiction » Sports & outdoor recreation » Basketball
David Stern began his association with the National Basketball Association in 1966. The NBA of 1966 will never be confused with the NBA of February 1, 2014 when Stern retired after a 30 year reign as National Basketball Association commissioner. By the time Stern retired, basketball was the second most popular sport in the world.
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Sports is a global business. For many it is a game but the real business of sports is business. Sports is powered by governments that make laws which regulate the business of sports. Most nations have Sports Ministers and sports is a government level position and concern. The e-book takes a look at the global sports industry between August 2010 and January 1, 2014 and how the business operates.
The Business & Politics of Sports: A Selection of Columns by Evan Weiner Second Edition
Series: Sports: The Business and Politics of Sports, Book 4. Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 246,610. Language: English. Published: October 8, 2013. Categories: Essay » Political, Nonfiction » Politics & Current Affairs » City planning
Everybody in America and around the world is paying in some way for sports, whether it is through taxes, cable TV bills, tax breaks or incentives. In a selection of his columns spanning from 1998 to the present, award winning journalist Evan Weiner connects the dots and shows how business, politics and sports are so closely interwoven.
The Business and Politics of Sports
Series: Sports: The Business and Politics of Sports, Book 3. Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 72,040. Language: English. Published: April 27, 2013. Categories: Essay » Political, Nonfiction » Sports & outdoor recreation » Baseball / Essays & Writings
The Business an Politics of Sports contains over 100 of Evan Weiner’s columns that describe the power plays, players, media and political (federal, state and local) connections, which rule the 19 billion dollar a year business of sports. At the heart of Evan Weiner’s writing lies his belief that “it’s great to watch a game and report on it, but democracy deserves more
From Peach Baskets to Dance Halls and the Not-so-Stern NBA
Series: Sports: The Business and Politics of Sports, Book 2. Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 67,530. Language: English. Published: April 13, 2013. Categories: Nonfiction » Sports & outdoor recreation » Basketball, Essay » Business
The 21st century version of the National Basketball Association will never be confused with the various leagues that cropped up after Dr. James Naismith came up with a game in the fall of 1891 at a Springfield, Massachusetts YMCA. Dr. Naismith put up some peach baskets and gave 18 players a soccer ball and the game of "basket ball" was born. A century later, basketball was a global sensation.
America's Passion: How a Coal Miner's Game Became the NFL in the 20th Century
Series: Sports: The Business and Politics of Sports, Book 1. Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 63,140. Language: English. Published: December 23, 2012. Categories: Nonfiction » Sports & outdoor recreation » Football & rugby » American football, Essay » Political
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The National Football League is the premier sport in the United States. But it always wasn't that way. Author Evan Weiner takes us back to the days when the NFL was a mom and pop store operation with the players and others who witnessed the league's growth first hand. The game started in the coal mines in western Pennsylvania and is a multi-billion dollar business today.