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Everleigh Miles writes romantic sci-fi fantasy novels.

She likes strong characters, adventures, darkness and angst, and exploring the emotions of people in complex situations.

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The Fourth World Series
Book One: Briar's Thorn
Book Two: Ash and Water
Book Three: Silver Soldiers
Book Four: Blood and Armour
Book Five: Glass Hearts
Book Six: Shields of Shadows

Arcana of the Fourth World
Book One: The Whisper of War
Book Two: The Wounds of War
Book Three: The Wisdom of War
Book Four: The Weapons of War

The Dark Crown Trilogy
Book One: Dragon Bait
Book Two: Dragon Bane
Book Three: Dragon Bound

Stories from Vaelyn City
A Fourth World Novel
The Deadliest Dance

Stories from Vaelyn City
A Fourth World Novel
Venomous Harts

Stories from Vaelyn City
A Fourth World Novel
A Story of Love and Loss


Love And Other Sorcery Trilogy
The Mage's Heart
The Golden Dragon's Princess
Akyran's Folly (Coming Soon)

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Blood in the Water

The Alpha CEO's Unloved Wife

VolcanoEBooks, WeRead, NovelCat

Wings and Wolves
The Devil's Wolf
Hearts of Stone
The Alpha's Angel
Hunter, Lover, Enemy
My Alpha Lycan Mate


Don't Mess With The Rock Chicks Series
Two-Way Street
Vice and Victor
Raven's Luck

Smashwords Interview

What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
Writing opens infinite possibilities; you can be anyone, do anything, and say anything, when you are writing.
What are you working on next?
I am currently writing the next book in the Fourth World Series; The Dark Crown whilst editing, proofing and formatting Books One - Four of The Arcana of the Fourth World Series, which is due for release in the next two weeks.
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