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  • Souls of Darkness on Dec. 10, 2012
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    Souls of Darkness an eBook by Louise Hunt, Damon Rathe and Kenneth Frank it is described as what can happen when you take three very different horror, fantasy and sci-fi writers, dismember their work, and then fiendishly stitch it back together in the form of an anthology of their compiled short stories. That all being said I found the short stories to be a 50/50 deal. Some of them I liked, some not so much. Though all the stories had their own darkness to them and can be read independently of each other I can't say I was totally enthralled in anyone particular story. Note I am not much of a horror lover but I do like Sci-Fi and fantasy so though this book was an easy read for me it was over all a hit or miss. I would say if you want something that isn't a long novel then get it as it is several stories together so you can read one or all at any given time. For me it's on my ok list it wasn't bad but I was't completely in love with the book either so this is a one thumb up kind of book for me.
  • Blood Sacrifice: The Avebury Legacy (Vampires: The New Age #1) on March 27, 2015

    As someone who is in love with paranormal books especially those that deal in vampires and witches this was a brilliant read. It has so many great elements: romance, suspense, and action. I also like that the female lead Lexie is no damsel in distress but rather a strong woman capable of taking care of herself. Which makes Nate our lead male fun because he struggles with his desire to protect her. It also make their relationship complex and interesting. This story also has other characters in it that bring depth to the story and fills it out. Overall the book is well paced, with a suspenseful build in the beginning that leads to multiple, action-packed, page turning sequences up until the very last page. The Avebury Legacy puts an original and contemporary twist on the vampire novel genre. I highly recommend it for a great summer read at the beach or pool side.