Evie Asterwyn


I am a 32 year old New Zealander.
I started writing as a child/teenager (mostly poetry, songs and short stories) but that took a back-seat to life, where working and paying the bills became more important for a while.
I am an avid reader, so books kept me company over the interim years.
I started writing again in 2011, after having toyed with the idea on-and-off over several years, of writing a fantasy style novel based in reality, where the hero/heroine suddenly finds themselves yanked out of the ordinary world and suddenly in a world with amazing creatures and the onus of responsibility to solve a problem resting squarely on their shoulders (the likes of Narnia, Alice in Wonderland etc). My series of books (currently in progress) named 'The Star KIn Chronicles' came into being, all of which I'm working on currently and I'd like to get published.

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