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Dr. Ittyerah Tholath Peter is an eye surgeon with over forty years of experience in various capacities in four leading medical institutions in India. He is the holder of a M.B.B.S from Kerala University, M.S.( Ophthalmology)from BHU, and M.Phil. ( Hospital and Health System Management) from BITS . He had his fellowship training at St.Vincentius eye hospital in Karlsruhe, Germany. He is a current Fellow of Royal college of physicians & surgeons Glasgow(FRCS) and International Medical Science Academy(FIMSA) . Dr.Ittyerah , has held various roles in his illustrious career, namely Clinical Registrar in Ophthalmology(BHU), Jr. Lecturer in Ophthalmology(CMC.Vellore.), Head of Department of Ophthalmology at Pushpagiri Hospital Thiruvalla and Little Flower Hospital Angamaly, India,He was President of Kerala Society of Ophthalmic Surgeons (KSOS) and Indian Medical Association (I.M.A.)Madhya Kerala Branch. In his literary capacity, he has previously held the roles of Chief editor of Journal of K.S.O.S. and Indian Journal Of Ophthalmology.The All India Ophthalmological Society( A.I.O.S.),the Kerala society of Ophthalmic Surgeons(K.S.O.S.) and the Cochin Ophthalmic Club (C.O.C.) honored him with life time achievement awards for his outstanding contributions in the field of ophthalmic science.

In his busy schedule he has managed to provide his services to the community through organisations like Y's Men Club and Rotary Club, the latter honoring him with the Paul Harris Fellowship award for his leadership role in matching grand programs. The esteemed doctor has also held the role of President of Rotary Club of Angamaly and Y's Men Club of Angamaly, India.

Currently in his retirement period, he continues to provide his services as an Ophthalmic Surgeon albeit as a Consultant to two reputed hospitals in the state of Kerala, India. And he is emeritus editor of Indian Journal of Ophthalmology.
He is an ophthalmologist with special interest in medical subjects beyond ophthalmology.

Smashwords Interview

How has Smashwords contributed to your success?
It was my intense desire to make people know about my out of the box thinking and the best tool for that was to publish my views and ideas in a book form. Even though part of my out of the box thoughts were published in the Journal of American Geriatric society in 2010 the article was very abridged and with very limited exposure.(Is there an alternative process to aging and death?.JAGS. Jan. 2010,vol.58,No.1,P.187) These limitations in size and exposure were over come by publishing the book through smash words. Now it reaches not only medical men but also to ordinary people on the street.When it is a book I could discuss the ideas and thoughts extensively without the regulations and limitations of a journal. All these I could achieve in a paperless, universally accessible and environment friendly way through Smashwords. These are the strong ways to success. Usually authors are happy if many people buy the book and read them. But my success and happiness depend on the attitude of the readers and the scientific community towards the ideas I have floated.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
Joy for writing is the feeling that what ever I have written is going to help mankind tomorrow or day after tomorrow. When some body enjoys reading the book I get a sense of satisfaction or pleasure out of it, like the professional satisfaction I derive when a patient is cured of his / her disease. Besides this I derive happiness when my dreams are shared with others. Even though I do not have the technology to do what ever I have envisaged, I still feel that some body else will do it in a future date and avoid the great tragedies of mankind - the senility, cancer and death. I feel that some amount of imagination is essential to give directions for research and to acquire new knowledge. I enjoy mixing imagination with reasoning. Writing for me also means expression of my new ideas. Ideas are like seedlings in a nursery. They have to be transplanted from the nursery to a better locations. My writing is a tool for this type of transplantation of the idea to another mind. Besides this I do get happiness in sharing my interesting real life experience as in 'Bewitching BHU'. .
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